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Catabolism is the set of metabolic pathways that breaks down molecules into smaller units that are either oxidized to release energy, or used in other anabolic  ...

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Jul 12, 2011 ... You're either in an anabolic state or a catabolic state. So what does this mean? If you're in an anabolic state, that is a good thing. It has nothing ...

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The body faces a catabolic state during normal metabolic functions. ... This does not occur often, but when the body has an extremely high rate of catabolism, ...

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Catabolic definition, destructive metabolism; the breaking down in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones, with the release of energy ...

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Sep 1, 2016 ... Anabolic and catabolic processes are the opposing functions that build up and break down muscle. Learn what this means in weight training.

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Catabolic and anabolic are two different states that describe whether the body is building tissue or ... His guide display you precisely what you need to do to create muscle fast not applying ... Overview of Sugar Part 1 - Definition & Sources.

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Sep 10, 2010 ... Read on to learn how to prevent catabolism and how to maintain ... 8" you mean a set of 15, a set of 12 then a set of 8 or do you mean 3 sets of ...

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Define catabolic. catabolic synonyms, catabolic pronunciation, catabolic translation, English dictionary definition of catabolic. n. ... It's not good to do weight training while you're fasting because your body is catabolic," he told The Daily Star, ...

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Catabolic and Anabolic Reactions. The sum of all chemical reactions within a living organism is known as metabolism. Metabolic pathways are a series of ...

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Did you know that maintaining a healthy level of anabolic activity is critical to ensuring quality of life and longevity? Metabolism can be simply defined as the set ...

destructive metabolism; the breaking down in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones, with the release of energy (anabolism).
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catabolic | Define catabolic at Dictionary.com
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