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Addiction is a medical condition that is characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding .... as an addiction (i.e., sexual addiction); moreover, reward cross- sensitization between amphetamine ....

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Cross-addiction and cross-dependence are synonymous terms used to describe a condition in which an individual is addicted to more than one substance.

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Cross dependency is an associated issue that some addicts may experience ... of using caffeine that are significantly less than those who do not also smoke ...

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Definition. When one drug is able to suppress the withdrawal signs and ... This underlies one of the therapeutic bases for methadone treatment of opiate addiction. Cross-dependence is most readily seen among various opioids and is also ...

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There is a phenomena known as cross-addiction. What that means is if an individual becomes alcohol and/or drug dependent on one mood altering substance, ...

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Cross addiction is the myth that if you are addicted to one drug then you are ... If you have ever been through a twelve step chemical dependency treatment program ... Cross-tolerance means that when you develop a tolerance to a drug you will ... like heroin does not have cross tolerance with a benzodiazepine like Valium.

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To use one boat to cross Sogakope and prevent them from hurting eat other first take up the chicken and leave the hawk and the corn. Return ... read more.

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Dec 13, 2012 ... In the simplest terms, cross addiction means you've traded one ... but need to take a potentially addicting medication; what should I do?

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... sensitivity to the drug. Continued use of certain drugs may lead to physical, psychological or cross dependence. Such addiction is manifested by withdrawal when drug use stops. ... This definition is largely a social one. For any given drug,  ...

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How marijuana addicts in recovery can turn to other addictions. ... It doesn't mean we can't and won't, if given a chance. ... towards behavior that may lead to cross addiction (addiction to other substances). ... —Marijuana Anonymous World Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, does not endorse or accept contribution...

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An example is the use of methadone (a narcotic) to help heroin (a narcotic) users avoid withdrawal. Cross addiction has also been used to describe addiction to ...

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Cross addiction implies that if a person is a victim dependent on one psychoactive substance, he is at high risk to develop dependence on any other addicting ...

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People recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol frequently don't consider their ... and may even seek a refill although the pain does not warrant a narcotic. ... alcoholic may be on the path to developing a dependency on narcotics or, ... The reason for this cross addiction is as follows: There is an area deep in the brain ...