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Apr 14, 2011 ... baby with Croup Stridor Barking Cough visual & audio sound. Juliette Anderson ... Symptoms include fever, runny nose, and a typical bark-like cough. .... I read there's no medication for this so idk what to do. Read more.


We did our research and pulled together five of the best croup sound files and stridor ... Croup is also usually characterized by a loud cough that can sound like a ...


What does croup sound like? A croup cough is loud and harsh and sounds sort of like a barking seal. It usually comes on at night and may be accompanied by ...


Sep 9, 2013 ... That barky, raspy cough that sounds like a seal asking for his next meal. ... can't treat croup over the phone, most cases of croup do not require ...


How do you treat croup? Can my child get ... If your child has a very hoarse, deep cough that sounds like a barking seal, it's probably croup. In fact, this cough is ...


Croup often causes kids to have a loud cough that sounds like a seal barking. Most cases of croup are ... At first, a child may have cold symptoms, like a stuffy or runny nose and a fever. As the upper ... Did your child have croup? Yes, as a baby


Croup is a common respiratory problem in young children. It tends to occur in ... A barking cough. The cough is often compared to the sound of a barking seal.


When it comes to children's health, there are a few common scenarios that can be quite scary for parents. Among these is the sound of a croup cough. However  ...


Why does croup happen? Commonly, croup is ... influenzae type b. Croup is a distinctive bark-like cough with a harsh sound known as stridor when breathing in .