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Quora Raises Questions - Pogue's Posts - The New York Times


Feb 1, 2011 ... He was thinking maybe he'd investigate a camp where he could learn to ... The account sign-up process says that Quora can use your ... But for now, the only question I have for Quora is, “Why not make this thing ... David Pogue's technology column has appeared each Thursday in The Times since 2000.

Now I get it: Snapchat - Yahoo Finance


Oct 8, 2016 ... Now I get it: Snapchat. David Pogue. October 8 ... Here's my theory: Deep down, Snapchat's appeal has to do with teenage insecurity. Usually ...

What exactly is Katie Couric going to do for Yahoo? - Quora


She will be hosting an interview program that will be featured on Yahoo's home page ... MTV used to contain a lot of music videos made by others, and now is ... What do you think of Katie Couric leaving NBC for Yahoo, to host an ... What does the hiring of Michael Isikoff, Katie Couric, and David Pogue tell ...

Where do tech/gadget sites get their news from? - Quora


Oct 26, 2011 ... Yes, there are many web based news wire services like BusinessWire, PRNewswire, ... When you are Pete Cashmore or David Pogue you don't need to ask; ... We now get a lot of news emailed to us including high-res images and videos. ... Im thinking of unique gadgets as in all of the new and upcoming ...

What does the label 'smart' mean regarding technology? - Quora


Incorporating IT into an object to make it capable of communicating autonomously and ... David Pogue say this: Just What Exactly Makes Something ' Smart'? which honestly isn't much. ... This term is now most often used as marketing gobbledegook to make you think an object is somehow specially desirable so more can be .....

What are some manipulation tricks I can try at school? - Quora


I'm unsure whether you're looking for manipulation tricks you can *practice* while ... People either think it's some sort of miraculous deck that solidifies ... See It, Now You Don't, by Bill Tarr, Magic for Dummies by David Pogue, ...

I just bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro, Now what? - Quora


Get an iCloud account, sync it with your iPhone or iPad (if you have them). Go to the App Store ... First thing I do on any new Mac is installing all free/opensource programs I ... over the most recent book on the Mac that David Pogue has out ( Probably OS & Lion) or one of the more 'visual' guides if that is how your mind w...

Quora Investor Scoffs At $1 Billion Offer Price - Business Insider


Feb 22, 2011 ... 13 signs you're better at adulthood than you think .... Now, obviously, asking an investor in a startup about that startup's ... They say that New York Time's tech critic David Pogue's failure to find a ... People ask questions and almost everyone who goes to Quora and asks a question does not get it ans...

Now I Get It: Snapchat - David Pogue


Welcome to “Now I Get It: Tech,” a new series from David Pogue that explains ... One good answer came from a respondent on Quora: “If you don't trust ... “ Nobody really thinks that the point of Snapchat is to send messages that will delete ...

How much are startup tech companies paying for PR? - Quora


I find this an interesting question. No matter what, billing is always an issue. Startups are in a ... I think there is value in working with a pr company as you launch. ... What do I need to do to launch a tech startup that will be acquired by a top tech ... to obtain favorable reviews from Walt Mossberg (Wall St Journal), David Pogue...