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Does Your Car Smell Of Gasoline? - YouTube


Feb 12, 2013 ... How dangerous is it to drive your car when you smell gas? .... figure out what I'm going to do, but in the mean time I'm driving my brothers car. .... What The Oil Change Places Don't Want You to Know- The Truth Behind Fluid ...

Why would the oil smell like gasoline - Answers.com


Whenever your oil smells like gasoline it's very bad for your engine. Change the oil ... Your ride will love you for it & the gas oder in the oil, will likely take a hike!!!! your car is not ..... Why does my 2005 grand am smells like gasoline? Answered.

If your oil dipstick smells like gas... - RX8Club.com


Feb 22, 2004 ... I'd like to know how many of you guys that have had the foamy gas smelling dipstick issue have had your engines flood. ... Oil does get injected into combustion chambers where it mixes with the air and gas as well as ...

What does it mean if your oil smells like gas - Answers.com


Some way or another, gas is getting into your oil. This could be worn piston rings, bad fuel pressure regulator, or a severely flooded engine. if you have a carb, ...

Gasoline Smell in Car, 5 Common Causes - Simple Car Answers


It really doesn't matter what is causing the gasoline smell in your car, you just need to have .... You could even have a faulty gas cap that is leaking fumes. .... I recommend checking your oil cap, make sure it on tight and checking the oil level in the engine, Does you engine sound normal? .... What do you mean switch gears?

Car Exhaust Smell: Understanding Where the Problem Lies ...


If you notice your heater is producing an antifreeze burning smell then there is a good chance that antifreeze is ... What Does Car Air Conditioner Gas Smell Like? ... Pulling out the dipstick and giving it a sniff should confirm gasoline in your oil.

Six Vehicle Warning Signs Your Nose Can Recognize - Be Car Care ...


Aug 25, 2013 ... Does your air filter need to be replaced? ... The smell of hot oil could mean that oil is leaking onto the exhaust ... The smell of gasoline is likely the sign of a gas leak in some area of the ... The smell of rotten eggs is never a good one and, if you smell it coming from your vehicle, it could mean a problem with ...

What Does The Check Engine Light Mean? - Car Care Aware


Oct 5, 2011 ... You burst into a cold sweat wondering just how badly your car's engine needs to be checked. ... Failing to tighten your gas cap all the way, not fully seating your engine oil dipstick or a loose oil fill cap can ... No strange smell

Car problems-gas smell [Archive] - BHM Forum - Backwoods Home Magazine


[Archive] Car problems-gas smell Auto/Truck/Other Transportation. ... **Also check your oil level as this may also tell you where the gas smell is coming from. If your plugs are worn bad and ... If you dont know then maybe your neighbor does and can check it quick for you. Good luck. .... Does that mean it is?

Gasoline Smell in Car, 5 Common Causes · www.simplecaranswers ...


Gasoline Smell in Car, 5 Common Causes ... I would definitely have the gas smell checked out, just to be sure. ... I have the same problem currently and have realised it's also leaking oil did you find th source of your problem? ... make sure it on tight and checking the oil level in the engine, Does you engine sound normal?

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When Engine Oil Dip Stick Smells Of Petrol. - Car Talk - Nigeria


when you pull out engine oil dip stick and the faint smell of fuel hits your nostrils, what could be responsible? ... The P1349 code is triggered when the valve timing does not change from of current ... Something is making your engine ECU or ECM, as Toyota calls it, to command .... It helps mitigate gas sips.

What causes a gas odor in engine oil? - Ask.com


A gas odor in engine oil is caused by contamination of the engine oil by gas, usually due to a ... What Type of Engine Oil Does a 2011 Toyota Rav4 Take? A:.

Smell of petrol in the oil HELP! - Servicing - Automotive ...


Jan 8, 2014 ... She does only short 10-15 minute trips and is a believer in ... If your using natural oil you may be mistaking it for petrol especially if you switched ...

Fuel Is Leaking Down Into the Oil of My Motor When It Sets - YouTube


May 28, 2013 ... Find out what to do if fuel is leaking down into the oil of your motor ... Series Description: The engine is the most important single component in your car - if you take care of ... Does Your Car Smell Of Gasoline? ... Gas in the oil.

How Does Gas Get in Engine Oil? | eHow


Two ways to tell if you may have a problem with gas in your engine oil are: If you start to smell a strong odor of gasoline while you are driving. You notice white ...