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In logic and mathematics, a truth value, sometimes called a logical value, is a value indicating ... Indeed, you can prove that they have no third truth value, a result dating back to Glivenko in 19...

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Mar 30, 2010 ... Truth values as objects and referents of sentences .... Truth values evidently have something to do with a general concept of truth. Therefore it ...

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Sep 2, 1996 ... A statement is an assertion that can be determined to be true or false. The truth value of a statement is T if it is true and F if it is false. For example, the statement ` `2 + 3 = 5'' has truth value T. Statements that involve one or ... Thus, the logical statement ``It is raining or the sun is shining ''...

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Sep 28, 2011 ... ... York has a large population. Now I don't get what does truth value means here. ... The statement is true, it has truth value "true." The possible truth ... The truth value of a sentence is "true" or "false". A sentence of the form "If A ...

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In the truth table above, p q is only false when the hypothesis (p) is true and the ... In Example 1, the sentence, "I do my homework" is the hypothesis and the ... is false because the sun and the number three have nothing to do with one another!

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Because a mathematical sentence states a fact, many of them can be judged to be ... Sentences, or statements, that have the same truth value are said to be

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The following are examples of compound sentences: "21 is divisible ... When attempting to determine the truth value of a compound sentence, ... The truth table tells you that the compound sentence will be false only when p and q are both true.

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the truth values of both facts are exactly the same ... Definition: A triangle is isosceles if and only if the triangle has two congruent (equal) sides. The "if and only if" portion of the definition tells you that the statement is true when either sentence (or fact) is the hypothesis. This means that both of the statements be...

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It does BOTH the jobs of the INVERSE and the CONVERSE. ... the contrapositive, is that it always has the SAME truth value as the original conditional statement. ... A truth table can be used to show that a conditional statement and its contrapositive ... of all of the possible outcomes of the truth value of a compound sentence.

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Contrary to what the name suggests, this has nothing to do with the subject most people ... The sentence "1 = 0" is also a statement, but its truth value is F. "It will ...

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Only those sentences which have a meaning which can be said to be "true" or ... ( Note that having truth value is identified with being either true or false, not with ...

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It is possible that a closed sentence will have different truth values at different times. ... the variables, we can analyze the meaning of these open sentences.

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In Example 1, statement p represents the sentence, "Ann is on the softball team," and statement q represents the sentence, "Paul is ... The symbol is a logical connector which means "and. ... Now that we have defined a conjunction, we can apply it to Example 1. ... We can construct a truth table for the conjunction "...