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In logic and mathematics, a truth value, sometimes called a logical value, is a value indicating ... Indeed, you can prove that they have no third truth value, a result dating back to Glivenko in 1928. Instead statements simply remain of unknown ...


Only those sentences which have a meaning which can be said to be "true" or ... ( Note that having truth value is identified with being either true or false, not with ...


Sep 2, 1996 ... A statement is an assertion that can be determined to be true or false. ... For example, the statement ``2 + 3 = 5'' has truth value T. Statements that ... Thus, the logical statement ``It is raining or the sun is shining '' means it is ...


Sep 28, 2011 ... The truth value of a sentence is "true" or "false". A sentence ... They say, "What does the fact that 2 is even have to do with New York? Nothing.


A paradox like 'nothing that I say is true' has this self-referential component that is analogous to a sentence like 'every sentence of this type has ...


In the truth table above, p q is only false when the hypothesis (p) is true and the ... In Example 1, the sentence, "I do my homework" is the hypothesis and the ... is false because the sun and the number three have nothing to do with one another!


In Example 1, statement p represents the sentence, "Ann is on the softball team," and statement q represents the sentence, "Paul is ... The symbol is a logical connector which means "and. ... Now that we have defined a conjunction, we can apply it to Example 1. ... We can construct a truth table for the conjunction "p and q.


Obviously, if our formula is an atomic sentence, all we need to do is to see what truth-value it has been assigned in order to determine what its truth-value is on ...


Thirdly, different sentences can have the same meaning. We would ... is identical to Venus" could not change the truth value of the proposition from true to false.