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The shooting guard (SG), also known as the two or off guard, is one of five traditional positions on a basketball team. A shooting guard's main objective is to  ...

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You have to be able to sink open shots consistently and be willing to take them when the game is on the line. If you want to be a shooting guard you should ...

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Can take over the game from his position offensively. At this position players will come in all shapes and sizes, be it a spot up shooter or a slasher. Regardless of  ...

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Youth Basketball Shooting Guard – The guard is the most common position in ... the category of Point Guard or Shooting Guard then you may want to take a look ... A player stands at the same spot, the same distance from the basket, does the  ...

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The Shooting Guard (abbreviated as SG, also known as The 2, The 2 Guard, and ... take, in order to deter the Defense from Fouling them whenever they shoot.

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Consider the 2 greatest Shooting Guards of all time. Michael Jordan ... Shooting ( basketball): How long does it take to develop consistent form on a jumpshot?

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If you can shoot the ball and the defense does not close out on you fast ... If they take away the shot, it's time to take it to the hoop, create havoc on the ... Elite point guards develop great finishing moves to finish over taller, more athletic players.

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Oct 7, 2011 ... Shooting guards must be able to score in as many ways as possible, but ... Does the player posses the mental toughness to take the big shot?

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Aug 29, 2014 ... Jan 29, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Orlando Magic shooting guard Arron Afflalo (4) shoots over Toronto Raptors forward John Salmons (25) ...

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But what it does do is give you principles to help figure that out. As I reflected back on ... Good shooting guards take whatever the defense gives them. High- level ...

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With the 3-point shot such a huge part of today's game, the need for a reliable shooting guard is stronger than ever. The shooting guard (or 2 guard) is best ...

How to Become a Better Basketball Shooting Guard: 7 Steps


How to Become a Better Basketball Shooting Guard. One of the great keys to be a great Basketball Shooting Guard is to have focus and confidence. If you are ...

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As a shooting guard, you are normally going to be defending the opposing team's shooting guard, so lock him down. Take pride in your ability to stop your ...

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Apr 11, 2012 ... Speaker 2: That's how you become a better shooting guard. Speaker 1: Oh, okay. ... Kobe does not move with out the ball. Read more Show ...