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This is a list of qualifications that potential candidates must possess in order to stand for ... degree, and not have dual citizenship in order to become president.


The President-elect of the United States is the apparent winner, as ascertained by the General ... The popular vote does not declare the presidency but the Electoral College vote does. Even if the popular ... Both reports make clear that becoming president-elect is contingent upon winning a majority of the electoral votes cast.


Aug 30, 2011 ... Within Article II, rules are set as to who can become President and how a ... " Presidential campaigns today are grueling marathons that take .... "How Does the Primary Process Work?," www.vote-smart.org (accessed Aug.


... if you win, are well worth it. If you wish to become president of the United States , read this wikiHow. ..... Does the president take an oath on the Bible? wikiHow ...


Everything from the ground up ... This answer is so obvious I thought about not posting it but I will. To become president one must meet the following constitutional ...


Becoming President. page 1 of 3. In order to be elected president, a person must meet the eligibility requirements laid out in the Constitution. After that, the ...


Mar 21, 2017 ... Learn more about the process for electing the president. ... How to Become President of the USA Poster. See This on ... The president-elect and vice president-elect take the oath of office and are inaugurated in January.


Feb 7, 2017 ... This does not have to be consecutive or even the 14 years leading up to ... requirements for someone to become president of the United States.


What are the constitutional requirements to serve as President of the United States? ... For example, it does not make clear whether those 14 years need to be  ...


Feb 17, 2016 ... But can they really? What does it take to be a U.S. President? Do you have to be rich? Charismatic? Smart? Male? A good public speaker?