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In general, a high school diploma is the minimum; college courses or a degree may be required, and training at a police academy is mandatory after being hired.

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You must be at least 21 years old and pass competitive written exams in order to become a police officer. Being agile and in good shape is also important, ...

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... take cadets as young as 18. The maximum age can vary widely. Do not assume that just because you are over 30, your chances of becoming a police officer ...

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Do you aspire to become a police officer? ... related in any way to race (a hate crime) disqualifies you from being able to pursue a career as a police officer.

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The services of police officers are likely to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. ... “The job of being a police officer hasn't changed greatly,” says James ...

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The quick guide to how to become a police officer written by a criminal ... If an applicant makes it this far, he or she has a good chance of being hired, but it is not ...

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There are a few different ways to become a Police Officer in the State of Minnesota. ... Become an Officer through Out of State Reciprocity. If you have a ...

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The duties of a police officer, also known as a law enforcement officer, focus on ... Specific qualifications will vary by agency, but typically include being a U.S. ...

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Police officers are first responders who often put their own safety at risk when emergency situations ... ... How Long Does it Take to Become a Doctor in the U.S. ?

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The minimum education and training required to be a police officer varies among individual ... Education and training requirements do not stop for police officers after they join the force. ... Do You Need an Associate's Degree to Be a City Cop?

What Does It Take to Become a Police Officer?
Police officers on television and in movies are often portrayed as consistently being put in harm's way through a series of car chases and shootouts with criminals. Although some of these things can be encountered, the daily life of a police officer... More »
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After being accepted, applicants are placed into a pool of eligible candidates for future police officer openings. Depending on the hiring situation, applicants ...

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Being a police officer is a meaningful and impactful way to serve a community. Becoming a police officer doesn't rely heavily on formal education; in fact, a high  ...

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What Does It Take? The road to becoming a law enforcement officer involves an extensive selection process. In addition to meeting basic requirements, ...