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Aug 4, 2015 ... ... check out the top 101 fun facts about Justin Bieber's personal life, career and love life! ... i don't get y every 1 hates poor justin way did he do

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Jan 16, 2014 ... There's more to Justin Bieber than meets the eye. ... "I don't really like to say the word 'swag' anymore because it's kind of played ... R&B singer Usher famously helped launch Bieber's career, although he did initially turn him down, but he later had a change of heart. .... Do not repr...

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Mar 18, 2010 ... Justin Bieber performs on Valentine?s Day at the Palladium in Los Angeles. ... I like my voice how it is right now, but I have to work out it and it's ... I would take the CD and take it in my room and try to do the little runs they did.

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Parents.com · Fun · Entertainment · Music; Meet the Artist: Justin Bieber ... Parents: How did you become a singer? Justin Bieber: My mom posted videos on YouTube of me at a local singing competition, so family could see how I did. My manager saw the videos, ... Parents: What kinds of music do you like to listen to?...

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I think people have been trying to do it for a while, making dance music, like Usher and all ... What does the 21-year-old Justin Bieber do for fun compared to the ...

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The latest Justin Bieber news, a full collection of photos, fun facts and their complete bio all in one place. ... base willing to do anything – even send death threats – to keep him single. ... fever to superstars like Katy Perry and on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez. ... "People always say, 'Did you try to get famous off Yo...

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There are alot of girls that like Justin Bieber, but only a few that LOVE him in my Quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME TAKE ... Do u hang posters on your walls or above your bed of him? NO WAY! ... like a friend! 8. What did you notice right away when you saw him? ... You can create a quiz for MySpace, it's simple fun and free. You can fin...

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there are soo many people out there how know justin bieber really good. but do you..????there is many people how and justin bieber genius that mean you are a true bieber fan. are you a ... 7. does justin bieber have a siblings. yes. no ... new york. 9. what justin bieber song is on the itunes toop 10 charts. love me. one time.

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Jokes about Justin Bieber. ... How do stories from Justin Biebers early childhood begin? "A few months ago" ... What does Justin Bieber and a Christmas tree have in common? ... "He sings to 9-year-olds, and his hair is like a gay figure skater.

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1 day ago ... Justin Bieber makes fun of New Zealand radio host ... 'Every time I want to do a collaboration with anyone and I ask them into the studio, I'll be ... and they'll be like, "Justin Bieber did this collab dance,"' host Jase predicated.

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Oct 20, 2012 ... Justin Bieber explains that he loves his grind so much that it doesn't even feel like work, it's just fun! Also, how many followers does Justin ...

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Justin Bieber likes to plays the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet. Many people don't know that his real name is Justin Drew Bieber!!! He loves.

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Answer (1 of 11): Justin Bieber he likes to dance, play video games especially x ... I like Justin Bieber he is cute,cool,and sweet,nice,and fun to hang around .

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Mar 1, 2015 ... 21 facts about the Canadian pop star that you maybe did not know. ... Justin Bieber turns 21 years old today, but it seems like he's been around ... (If you're a responsible grownup, we're betting, not as well as you think you do.) ...

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"I mean, I like meat on girls". if i was justin bieber 's girlfriend it would be "One less .... Justin Bieber DOES wear braces but they are the "Invisalign" kind and he ... fast as he gained it"; Justin likes to grab a girl by her hips but he wouldn't do it if she felt .... of stress or work; Justin...