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The Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET), or simply metabolic equivalent, is a physiological .... If a person does a 4 MET activity for 30 minutes, he or she has done 4 x 30 = 120 MET-minutes (or .......

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Apr 16, 2012 ... Let's review what a MET is. ... task (MET), or simply metabolic equivalent, is a physiological measure expressing ... MET minutes per week can also be calculated. ... How do you know what MET value your physical activity is?

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How can I measure my MET score? As part of the Aviva Workplace Challenge,. Aviva Health and the Nutrition and Health. Foundation in conjunction with ...

What are METS?


Describe what I can expect in each phase of the fitness cycle? ... A MET is a measure of exercise intensity. ... The larger the MET value the more calories burnt.

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One MET is defined as the energy it takes to sit quietly. ... One limitation to this way of measuring exercise intensity is that it does not consider the fact that some  ...

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One metabolic equivalent (MET) is defined as the amount of oxygen ... The energy cost of an activity can be determined by dividing the relative oxygen cost of ...

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Aug 18, 2013 ... Along with speed, percent grade, heart rate and distance, you will also ... It is a measure of how much oxygen you are burning during ... Knowing that METs stands for metabolic equivalents is helpful but what does that actually mean? ... information at the start of a workout to get an accurate MET reading.

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Aug 17, 2016 ... The energy cost of an activity can be measured in units called METS, which are multiples of ... A MET is the ratio of the work metabolic rate to the resting metabolic rate. ... Tell me what you think of the Sports Coach Web Site.

The measure of the rate of energy expended while doing work or ...


But to reap all the benefits that exercise can provide, you need to be ... The first step to understanding METS is to learn what your weight is in kilograms. You can  ...

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oxygen used by the body.

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The best way to measure your metabolism is to exercise on machines that measure what's known as Metabolic EquivalanTs or MET's. At rest you are working at ...

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MET” is another name for metabolic equivalent; a measure of exercise intensity ... In other words, if a client weighs 154 pounds, he will burn about 70 calories an hour ... makes sure they understand at what intensity they need to be exercising.

MET: Calculating calories burned during physical activity


Metabolic Energy (MET) method for calculating calories burned during ... The amount of energy expended for different activities will vary with the ... loss Why you shouldn't do it; What Do You Mean Low-Intensity Training Isn't The ... The best way to calculate the MET to an activity is measuring in a plethysmograph, either way ...