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An eyeglass prescription is an order written by an eyewear prescriber, such as an optometrist .... In the case of an eyeglass lens, this means that the lens should be roughly shaped like a cup with ...

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(If that's not the case, and you need to see an eye doctor, click here to find one near you.) But what do all those numbers on your eyeglass prescription mean?

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Dec 4, 2015 ... WebMD helps you understand what your eyeglass prescription means. ... The C refers to the "cylinder" or astigmatism, and can be a negative or ...

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Have you ever tried reading an eyeglass prescription from your optometrist or ... letters and numbers (and not to mention plus signs and minus signs), it can be ... a prescription will include the letters “OU,” oculus unitas meaning both eyes.

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Once your eye examination is complete and all the necessary tests have been done, the optometrist will ... But what do the numbers and words actually mean?

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Just what does it all mean? Understanding your eyeglass prescription takes a bit of work, but it can be interesting stuff. Many people are intrigued about what the ...

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VSP can help you decode your glasses prescription. You'll ... These are all refractive errors that simply mean your eyes have trouble focusing light correctly.

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When your eye examination is complete you'll be given a prescription, which, like all prescriptions, contains medical jargon.

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Understanding Your Prescription- NHS example Right and Left Eye ... If you have a 'DS' in the cylinder column, it means that you do not have an astigmatism.

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Eyeglass Direct guides you through entering your prescription correctly. ... If there are no numbers for CYL, AXIS or ADD in your prescription, do not enter anything in ... for bifocals, this means that the same ADD power is used for both eyes.

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Learn how to read your eyeglasses prescription and the meaning of each number ... used in eye prescriptions which can make learning how to read an eyeglass ...

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That code lets your eyeglass manufacturer know not only if you're nearsighted or ... your prescription so you can be knowledgeable about your own eye health, track any changes in ... A plus sign (+) means you are hyperopic, or farsighted.

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How do I know if my prescription is Single Vision or Bifocal? Doctors write ... OD - This is shorthand for oculus dextraous which means Right Eye. OS - This is ...