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NM, nm, nM, or Nm are common abbreviations for various terms. nm may stand for: "Never mind" or "nothing much" in common Internet slang · nanometer, an SI  ...

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Find out what is the full meaning of NM on Abbreviations.com! ... the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: NM.

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4 meanings of NM acronym and NM abbreviation. Get the Science definition of NM by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition: Normal Mode. In Science ...

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May 28, 2008 ... At least one dimension (height, length or depth) is less than 100 nm: ... On the other hand, although nanoscale is a scientific term, it means ...

Nanometer - definition of nanometer by The Free Dictionary


... billionth of a meter. Abbr.: nm Noun 1. nanometer - a metric unit of length equal to. ... nanometre, nm · metric linear unit - a linear unit of distance in metric terms.

What Does 415 nm and 660 nm Mean? - Intelligent Acne Treatment


Do your research, compare our products, and get rid of your acne today. ... some websites throw around very scientific sounding terms that can be intimidating to ...

Units of Force by Ron Kurtus - Succeed in Understanding Physics ...


Oct 1, 2015 ... The newton has applications in various scientific measurements. ... The unit of torque or moment of force is the newton-meter (N-m), where m is the ... Do you have any questions, comments, or opinions on this subject?

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The simple answer to this question is any particle less than 100 nm. But like ... If the size (e.g. mean, median, etc.) ... Scientific Basis for the Definition of the Term " nanomaterial", ISSN 1831-4783 ISBN 978-92-79-12757-1, doi:10.2772/39703 ...

General Chemistry Online: Glossary: Measurement - Antoine


A searchable database of terms about Measurement for students and ... to be very much farther from the mean measurement than other measurements. ... For example 1 nm means "0.000000001 m"; 2.8 ng could also be written "2.8 × 10<sup>-9</sup> g". pico-. ... the first uncertain digit, when the number is written in scientific nota...

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Light has many different meanings – and could mean many different things in ... of the electromagnetic spectrum and ranges in wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm. ... This makes it a real challenge to scientifically measure certain attributes of ... scotopic, vision and respond somewhat differently to light than do the cones.

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What is newton meter (Nm)? definition and meaning


Definition of newton meter (Nm): Metric (SI) unit of torque (tendency of a force to cause rotation), ... Popular 'Industries, Manufacturing, & Technology' Terms.

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Meaning of NM. What does NM stand for? ... Define NM at AcronymFinder.com. ... Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA ,random Word(s) in meaning: chat "global ...

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Discover what exactly is meant by the term nano. ... What Exactly does Nano Mean? ... commonly referred to as SI units, the nanometer is represented by the symbol 'nm.' In scientific notation, one nanometer can be written as 1 x 10^-9 meters.