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Reinventing the wheel


To reinvent the wheel (reinvent the wheel) is to duplicate a basic method that has already ... This is an anti-pattern which occurs when the engineer is unaware or contemptuous of the standard solut...

Reinvention | Define Reinvention at Dictionary.com


Reinvention definition, to invent again or anew, especially without knowing that the invention already exists. See more.

Reinvent - definition of reinvent by The Free Dictionary


tr.v. re·in·vent·ed, re·in·vent·ing, re·in·vents. 1. To make over completely: "She reinvented Indian cooking to fit a Western kitchen and a Western larder" (Irene Sax) ...

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Define reinvent and get synonyms. What is reinvent? reinvent meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

What DoesReinventionMean? | Advocate for a New Story of Our ...


Jun 20, 2013 ... People sometimes think that reinvention means dropping everything and starting on a new path. Although this might be what we need to do at ...

What does it really mean to 'reinvent oneself'? - Quora


It is actually a fairly simple idea. I don't agree with Jeremy Liew that radical behavioral change ... I keep hearing & reading about people should reinvent themselves. It sounds like the most esoteric idea - what exactly does it mean? What are the ...

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reinvention | the act or an instance of replacing a product, etc with an entirely new version | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.

Personal Growth and the Need to Reinvent Yourself


Aug 12, 2013 ... In essence, no change means no personal growth because the two are actually ... When does the need to reinvent yourself cease to exist?

5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself - Tiny Buddha


Change means reinvention. ... I've reinvented myself several times in my life. .... very selective: Does this situation support the Peace Foundation in my Life?

Reinventing Government: What Does It Mean? - JStor


about what it means to reinvent govern- ment. So I began my lecture by admit- ting that I had put myself in this awkward position, which made the lecture appro-.

Reinvention | Define Reinvention at Dictionary.com
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reinvent Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary


reinvent definition, meaning, what is reinvent: to produce something new that is based on something that already exists: . Learn more.

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to make major changes or improvements to (something). : to present (something) in a different or new way. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary.

What Does Business Reinvention Really Mean? | Self Employed ...


Oct 20, 2011 ... The phrase "business reinvention" might have you quaking in your boots. After all , who wants to start all over again from scratch? Ah. I think I ...