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SMA connector - Wikipedia


SMA (SubMiniature version A) connectors are semi-precision coaxial RF connectors developed ... For SMA surface mount diode package, see DO-214.

SMA - What does SMA stand for? The Free Dictionary


Acronym, Definition. SMA, Simple Moving Average. SMA, SNA (System Network Architecture) Management Architecture. SMA, Shape Memory Alloy.

What does SMA stand for? - Acronym Finder


Rank Abbr. Meaning. SMA, Super Mario Advance (Video game - Gameboy Advance). SMA · Sexiest Man Alive (People magazine) · SMA, Sound Music Album.

Cure SMA | What Diagnosis Means


Cure SMA does not advocate any specific choices or decisions; we are here for ... of life, acknowledging that may mean something different for each family.

What Does SMA Mean Regarding Stocks? | Finance - Zacks


If you're an independent investor, get to know your stocks better by doing some basic chart analysis. By understanding indicators such as the simple moving ...

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) - KidsHealth


Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) makes it difficult for a child to move around, walk, or breathe. Although there is no cure, therapy and other treatments help ...

Special Memorandum Account - SMA Definition | Investopedia


A special memorandum account (SMA) is a special account where excess margin generated from a client's margin account is deposited. Also known as " special ...

Simple Moving Average - SMA Definition | Investopedia


A simple moving average (SMA) is an arithmetic moving average calculated by adding the closing price of the security for a number of time periods and then ...

Urban Dictionary: sma


V. Suck My Ass. The term used by girls when wanting to display extreme displeasement. Alternate for suck my dick. Also stands for Sucks Major Ass T...

Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Signs and Symptoms | Muscular ...


SMA linked to chromosome 5 (SMN-related), types 1-4 In SMA types 1 through 4, symptoms ... (SMN stands for survival of motor neuron.) ... and, even if they do weaken, they usually remain strong enough for typing on a computer keyboard and ...

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What does SMA stand for? - Abbreviations.com


Looking for the definition of SMA? Find out what is the full meaning of SMA on Abbreviations.com!

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53 meanings of SMA acronym and SMA abbreviation. Get the Medical definition of SMA by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition: Supplementary In Medical ...

What does SMA stand for?


579 meanings of SMA acronym and SMA abbreviation. Get the definition of SMA by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition: Supplementary.