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In mathematics, summation (capital Greek sigma symbol: ∑) is the addition of a sequence of numbers; the result is their sum or total. ... Because addition is associative, the sum does not depe...

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Sum definition, the aggregate of two or more numbers, magnitudes, quantities, or particulars as determined by or as if by the mathematical process of addition: ...

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In mathematics, adding numbers, items or amounts produces a sum. The word also refers to a group of arithmetic problems given as a classroom assignment.

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Often mathematical formulae require the addition of many variables ... This expression means sum the values of x, starting at x1 and ending with xn. ... which does not involve the variable of summation and the sum involves n elements.

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Apr 11, 2011 ... Here I use it once to explain what it does. ∑ i = 1 5 i = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5. Which translates to, sum over i , where i starts at 1 and goes to 5 . or this ...

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I have to know for my math class, which is grade 9. ... 1264 sum (or total) For division: 600 / 25 = 24 dividend / divisor = quotient Does that help? ... So " minuend" means "that which is to be reduced," the number you are taking ...

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You can't write 4•sum, though if you're following the Word-for-Word Rule, you should. So what does that mean? It means you need to multiplying 4 by the entire  ...

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Mar 2, 2014 ... Finding the sum, difference, product and quotient is something that you do by ... Learn about answers to grade school math questions with help from an ... I understand what it means the same functions used to find the result..

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Find out how to decide in which order to do a sum, and the rules that apply when ... Start from the left and work across to the right, which means that you start with ...

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Recall: The four basic mathematical operations are: Addition, subtraction ... Adding two (or more) numbers means to find their sum (or total). The symbol used for ...

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The result of adding two or more numbers. Example: 9 is the sum of 2, 4 and 3 ( because 2 + 4 + 3 = 9). Drag the numerals to the two blue boxes to sum them:.

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Sum is short form of Summation Simple word is addition. The basic arithmetic operations are addition,subtraction, multiplication and division, although this ...

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Define sum. sum synonyms, sum pronunciation, sum translation, English dictionary definition of sum. n. 1. Mathematics a. An amount obtained as a result of ...