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Timothy-grass (Phleum pratense), is an abundant perennial grass native to most of Europe ... Timothy hay is a staple food for domestic pet rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and degus, ... Dead, str...

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Jun 6, 2009 ... Good quality forage or "Hay" is not just a weed you let grow it takes a lot of work to make good feed. We talk little bit about the difference ...

The Difference Between Timothy Hay & Alfalfa - Small Pet Select


Let's take a look at timothy hay versus alfalfa, and see why they really are two completely ... Do they look different? ... Alfalfa has small, clover like leaves.

Hay for Rabbits – Alfalfa Hay vs Timothy Hay | Purina Mills


Confused about what hay for rabbits you should buy? Learn about the different nutritional values in alfalfa hay and timothy hay from Purina experts.

Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, and Other Meadow Grasses | eGerbil


Timothy hay is an example of grass hay and Alfalfa is legume hay. ... It looks very parched when compared to other grass hays. ... Like all crops it's nutritional content can vary tremendously, its protein content can vary from 13% to 22% and  ...

How Does One Recognize Fresh Grass Hay? - Guinea Pig Today


Jul 22, 2012 ... He prefers Oxbow's Orchard Grass and Timothy Hay. Hay should be about ... When picking hay, what should I look for to know it's fresh? Selecting a ... We like hay that is more green in color than anything else. I don't want you ...

Timothy Hay & Alfalfa: essential for rabbits, chinchillas, & guinea pigs


Dried from a natural, perennial grass, Timothy Hay is inexpensive and healthy. It aids digestion and helps wear down the constantly growing teeth of rabbits and ...

Hay For Horses: Alfalfa Or Grass? - UCD Alfalfa - UC Davis

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timothy hay and oats are the best feeds for horses, and that alfalfa and corn spell disaster ... with insufficient gut fill, and will look for other things to eat including fences and ... Excess protein, like excess energy has been implicated as a cause of .... horses to developmental orthopedic disease, but that excess protein does no...

Choosing the Best Hay for Your Rabbit - The Rabbit House


The main component of every rabbit's diet should be fresh grass or hay (dried grass). ... If your rabbit does not have free access to grass, you can simulate natural ... hays available; popular types include meadow, timothy, and orchard grass. ... looking and slightly higher protein (12-14%) than hay - more like fresh grass.

Timothy Hay for Horses - Anderson Hay


Horse owners have found that Timothy hay promotes a shiny coat, good digestion, bowel ... Timothy hay is highly recommended for horses confined to a stable because it offers more chewing time. It most ... Weather in the coming week looks.

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Why Timothy is your horse's friend - Horsetalk.co.nz


Oct 3, 2013 ... Timothy hay deserves its place in the pantheon of hays and, in many ways, ... Timothy looks like most other grasses, with upright stalks and slender ... It is clear timothy does not offer the same level of protein, but good quality ...

Types of Hays & Grasses | San Diego House Rabbit Society – An All ...


Timothy Hay is the most-recommended hay for rabbits. It looks like a dried blade of grass, fairly wide and its color is a soft green to grey/brown green. Timothy ...

What is timothy hay and does your pet need it? - SlideShare


Oct 29, 2013 ... quality Timothy Hay and grass foods should form most of your pets' diet. ... It looks much like other types of hay and should be in long strands.