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Anatomy. a bone in the wrist that articulates with the metacarpal bone of the forefinger.
Geometry. of, relating to, or having the form of a trapezoid.
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In Euclidean geometry, a convex quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides is referred ... The former definition would make such concepts as the trapezoidal approximation to a definite ... Four lengths a, c, b, d can constitute the consecutive sides of a non-parallelogram trapezoid with a and b parallel only when.


A 4-sided flat shape with straight sides that has a pair of opposite sides parallel. ( Called a trapezium in the UK. Both US and UK definitions of trapezium and ...


A trapezoid is a 4-sided flat shape with straight sides that has a pair of ... The Area of Polygon by Drawing tool is helpful when you can draw your Trapezoid.


Trapezoid definition, a quadrilateral plane figure having two parallel and two ... The second trapezoid is composed of pieces which can be placed in the ...


In geometry a trapezoid is a four-sided figure with two sides that are parallel. ... The word trapezoid comes from the Greek trapeza meaning "table" and -oeides ... or a life-long learner, Vocabulary.com can put you on the path to systematic ...


Define trapezoid: a four-sided shape that has two sides that are parallel and two sides that are not parallel.


Meaning. A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides. No other features matter. (In English-speaking countries outside of North America, ...


Trapezoid definition and properties. ... (but see definition notes below) ... vertices, you can calculate various properties of it, including the altitude and median.