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Ship prefix


A ship prefix is a combination of letters, usually abbreviations, used in front of the name of a ... In the United States Navy that prefix officially only applies while the ship is in ..... A United...

What's the difference between the designations 'USS' and 'USNS' for ...


USS and USNS are both ship prefixes used to identify United States vessels. USS stands for .... Attacking a hospital ship can actually end with you getting hung for war crimes of you do enough damage. 288 Views · Answer requested by .

What does USS stand for on a navy ship? | Reference.com


The abbreviation USS on a ship stands for United States ship. This prefix is used to identify a commissioned ship of the U.S. Navy. Other countries' ships are ...

What do the letters S.S. or U.S.S. stand for in the name of a ship?


Mar 28, 2003 ... Horatio Answer has 8 votes. Vote for this answer. S.S. could stand for Steam Ship U.S.S. stands for United States Ship ...

U.S. Navy Shipbuilding | Shipbuilders Council of America


HII's Newport News Shipbuilding and GD's Electric Boat build our nuclear class vessels. ... Find out how you can help!Take Action ... Ship Battle Force, the official count of the number of vessels in the Navy's active fleet, stands at 286 ships.

United States Navy Ship Hull Classifications


Listing of all ship hull classifications used by the United States Navy from origin ... Ships like Destroyers and Frigates carry a double-letter identifier as in "DD" and .... We DO NOT sell any of the products showcased on this website so please do  ...

Cutter - U.S. Coast Guard


By general usage, the term cutter came to define any vessel of Great Britain's Royal ... Another is that it stands for "weather patrol," one of the major tasks assigned to ... "US Coast Guard 'W' Numbers: Where did they come from and where are ...

Glossary of Terms : Navy.com


Get familiar with the US Navy glossary of terms. ... Not sure what a particular Navy term or acronym means? .... U.S. Navy who is qualified to command ships, subs and aviation units and can rise to high Navy leadership positions such as CNO.

Life Aboard US Navy Ships : Navy.com


Most Sailors can expect to spend some time at sea. And that means living on a ship. But what kinds of ships could you potentially serve on? What are some of ...

The US Navy -- Fact File: Cruisers - CG


Jan 13, 2016 ... Modern U.S. Navy guided-missile cruisers perform primarily in a Battle Force role . ... The lead ship of the class, USS Ticonderoga (CG 47) through CG-51 ... USS Vicksburg and USS Chosin will begin modernization in FY16.

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Urban Dictionary: i ship them


Jan 25, 2014 ... When someone says "I ship us/them" it means that someone supports a romantic relationship between two people.

USN Ship Designations - NavWeaps


Aug 6, 2016 ... The designation "USS" standing for "United States Ship" was ... A common question is "what does the 'V' stand for in CV or CVA or CVS or CVE ...

The US Navy -- Fact File: Amphibious Transport Dock - LPD


Amphibious transport dock ships are warships that embark, transport and land ... the MV-22 Osprey, the and future means by which Marines are delivered ashore. ... San Antonio-class ship, LPD 28 will be used to support amphibious assault, ...