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Wet-tail or proliferative ileitis, is a disease of hamsters. It is caused by stress usually caused by ... The sick animal should be kept in a cage by itself so that others do not catch the disease—...

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Aug 29, 2009 ... This video contains the early and late symtoms of wet tail that the Hamsteriffic ... My hamster looks like I is sneezing but doesn't do it very often.

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Wet tail, or Proliferative Ileitis, is one of the most serious intestinal diseases that affect ... Named for the wet, dirty tails that accompany the disease, wet tail is most ... Does not apply to coupons and manufacturer-mandated pricing, including ...

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In this article, we look at what causes wet tail, the symptoms of wet tail and how to treat it. ... Do not wash the hamster in a bath. ... And do they like swimming?

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Wet tail is a very serious condition which if left untreated can prove fatal to little ... any feeding equipment like bowls or water containers if your hamster has wet tail. ... of having the condition so the other pet hamster does not catch wet tail too. ... The first sign you'll normally notice is when a pet hamster starts to look...

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Sep 8, 2012 ... If you are wondering what a hamster with wet tail looks like, the picture on ... With that said, there are certainly things you can do as a hamster ...

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Wet Tail in Syrian Hamsters By Rebekah Brittain ... as Syrian hamsters. (Dwarf hamsters do not get wet tail but the can suffer from diahrroea.) ... What to look for:

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However, the term "Wet-Tail" does not refer to a specific diagnosis of a particular ... Just like humans they can eat foods or too much of a particular food that can ...

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Wet Tail is a stress-related illness and the disease is triggered by stress. ... Dwarf Hamsters can suffer from extreme diarrhoea they do not suffer from Wet Tail. ... take one look at extreme diarrhoea and diagnose "Wet Tail" on observation alone .

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Wet tail refers to a variety of gastrointestinal and urinary issues in rabbits. The term commonly applied to one of the most recognizable symptoms of severe ...

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Jun 24, 2015 ... Wet tail (also called proliferative ileitis or transmissible ileal ... You need to know what you can do to improve your hamster's chances of recover. ... Small mammals like hamsters have a large ratio of surface area to volume. ... Look for dehydration (lifting his scruff and watching it fall back down), lack of ...

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Go to the pet store and ask for wet-tail medication drops. ... Look for the signs listed below and seek treatment right away. ..... Does it sound like wet tail to you?

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Wet Tail is a bacterial infection or an imbalance of the natural bacteria that affects Syrian ... Wet Tail is a disease associated with the Syrian Hamster and is not ... Veterinary advice should still be sought at the earliest opportunity, but do ensure  ...