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The beaver (genus Castor) is a primarily nocturnal, large, semiaquatic rodent. Castor includes ... Beavers do not hibernate, but store sticks and logs in a pile in their ponds, eating the underbark....

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Learn all you wanted to know about beavers with pictures, videos, photos, facts, ... story assignments, and get helpful feedback. Do I smell carrots? a nutria. Beaver ... in the water, where they use their large, webbed rear feet like swimming fins, ...

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What they look like: The beaver is dark brown. It has a tail that looks like a paddle . A typical ... Beavers usually have one mate for life, just like people do! Once a ...

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Oct 27, 2010 ... ... to see the inside of a beaver lodge myself, so I swam underwater and I did. ... Don't like this video? ... An Inside Look at a Beaver Lodge!
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Dec 19, 2008 ... Interesting wildlife video from BBC show 'Beavers: The Master ... 00:40 OMG THEY ARE SOO CUTE LOOK AT THEM CARRYING THE ... how do they get out when the water freezes? ... I wonder what a beaver bite feels like.
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May 11, 2014 ... 0:13 beaver: what are you look lookin at.....look away please. Read more ... They are like human constructers :). Why they build dams?.

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What do they look like? Beavers are the largest rodents in North America, and they spend most of their time in the water. To protect themselves from the cold and ...

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Oct 13, 2015 ... The phrase "busy as a beaver" aptly describes these big-toothed rodents that can change the ... Beaver lodges, like this one in Wyoming, can help preserve local watersheds and habitat for wildlife. ... Beavers do not hibernate.

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Beavers are monogamous animals who start families by mating every year and staying close to their young ... What Does the Inside of a Beaver Den Look Like?

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Beavers are truly the engineers of the wild. The type of lodge or den they'll build is dependent on the surrounding environment and materials available. And, in ...

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What does a Beaver look like? The beaver, the second largest rodent in the world , is well-known for its wide, flat tail, used for slapping the surface of the water to ...

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Fascinating facts about beavers including diet, size, weight, habitat, range and ... Help keep OneKind's work going and click on our ads if you like what they offer!

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Like many rodents, beavers construct nesting dens for shelter and for protection .... They do not hibernate, but are less active during winter, spending most of their ... Try to get a look at the tail: Beavers have a broad, flat tail that doesn't show ...