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Cavities (Tooth Decay): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Aug 20, 2014 ... Cavities, also referred to tooth decay or caries, are holes in the teeth. ... Cavities on the front teeth are the easiest to see and will look like a brown or .... A diagnosis of major depression does not evoke much response, either a ...

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Dec 17, 2008 ... A cavity is a hole in a tooth that usually starts off as a dark spot on a tooth, but it can spread out and expand. Prevent a cavity from reaching the ...

What Does a Cavity Look Like? Texas Pediatric Dentistry in ...


Learn all about cavities in children and what you should do if you suspect your ... Cavities vary in appearance and evolve over time, but typically look like dark ...

Too Much Drilling? Not All Early Tooth Decay Needs A Filling


Also, the detection devices aren't always right. "Some things look like cavities, but they're not," Dr. Albert says. "A dark discoloration does not mean a cavity.".

Cavities - who gets cavities and why, how to know if you have one ...


Describes cavities, which are holes in the teeth that occur as a result of tooth decay and plaque.

What 10 Common Mouth Issues Really Look Like - Mouth Healthy


Ever wonder what cavities, gingivitis and canker sores really look like? Use this visual guide to see how the most common dental manifest in your mouth.

How to read dental x-rays- What do cavities look like? | Stages


... and real-life examples showing what cavities look like on bitewing dental x- rays. ... If it does, not only must the decay be removed and the damaged tooth ...

How I Healed My Child's Cavity - The Healthy Home Economist


Shouldn't the body be able to heal a cavity just like it heals a broken bone or a cut on your arm? ... My husband called me over to take a look and I was alarmed to see the hole and I used a ... Dr. Price's research really does work in practice!

How to Treat Cavities (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Cavities -- also known as caries -- are small openings or holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay. ... The mold is then filled with a tooth-like substance such as porcelain, .... Look for toothpaste, oral rinse, or chewing gum that contains fluoride and ... If you don't get a treatment that does not work or can't treat it, you ...

Toddler 12-35 Months Handouts


WHAT DOES TOOTH. DECAY LOOK LIKE? ... Plaque + food + teeth = cavity or decay. ... look like white spots, dark pits, holes or broken teeth and may be painful  ...

What Does a Cavity Look Like?
A cavity is a hole in a tooth that usually starts off as a dark spot on a tooth, but it can spread out and expand. Prevent a cavity from reaching the pulp or nerve of a tooth with information from a general dentist in this free video on dental care.... More »
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The Tooth Decay Process: How to Reverse It and Avoid a Cavity


Jul 1, 2016 ... How does a cavity develop? How can we help teeth win the tug of war and avoid a cavity? You probably know that a dental cavity is a hole in a ...

Early Tooth Decay Article | Cavities/Tooth Decay | Colgate&® Oral ...


Jun 27, 2014 ... "Some things look like cavities, but they're not. For example, a dark discoloration does not mean a cavity." So why don't most dentists watch and ...

Tooth Decay: What does a cavity actually look like? | Uxbridge ...


Nov 5, 2012 ... Tooth Decay: a molar with a cavity on the chewing surface. Dentistry, Education ... Soft spots like these indicate tooth decay (AKA: a cavity).