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Before you add a frog to your family, sit down and first plan out a menu. Frogs are carnivores, but feeding a frog is more than just dumping a baggie of crickets ...

Nov 16, 2008 ... Frogs eat a variety of insects and creatures, including crickets, which make up the majority of their diet; they also eat meal worms and wax ...
Nov 29, 2016 ... What Do Frogs Eat: Foods that Your Pet Frogs Will Eat! http://what-do-animals-eat .com/what-do-frogs-eat/ If you're going to keep a frog as a pet, ...


Small to medium sized frogs eat insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths and dragonflies. Larger frogs will eat larger insects like grasshoppers and worms.


Larger frog species eat small reptiles and mammals, like mice and lizards. Frogs do not chew, so all of their prey is swallowed whole. Certain frog species have ...


Mar 8, 2017 ... What do frogs (and tadpoles!) eat? How do frogs breathe? And how long can they stay underwater? Find out more with our favourite frog facts.


Article with pictures about what frogs eat, and also what would eat a frog!


The smaller frogs usually eat insects, spiders, bugs and worms. The bigger ones will even go for mammals that are smaller than them like a mouse, little chicks, ...


Dec 17, 2014 ... Here I will go through the basic foods that frogs eat. ... If you are interested in raising your own crickets you can read about how to do it here.