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Nov 4, 2010 ... This is the 2nd time pregnant platy giving birth soon,the 1st time was 1 month ago . Those are the 1st batch babies around the mom .fry,mickey ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=What Does a Pregnant Platy Look like?&v=fYH1KVnq_nw
Apr 7, 2013 ... Pregnant platy ready to give birth ... That breeding cage isn't good for the platy it feels worried and ... My Platy Pregnant! what you need to do.

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Jun 16, 2012 ... She definitely does look pregnant. ... When female platies get a squared off belly \ __/, like your fish has, it is usually ... Do you have another tank set up for them?

Can you tell if my platy fish is pregnant? Here's a picture. She looks ...


I need some help too she looks like she's two times that fat plus there are two males in the tank and she's already given ... Do you think my platy is pregnant too ?

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Hi there, I am just wondering about the Platy pregnancy stages. ... any being eaten, which creates the problem of what to do with all of these fry! ... So i have two females that are prego now and looks like there ready to pop.

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A pregnant platy fish starts to look very large, becoming almost square in appearance ... How many days does it take for fish eggs to hatch? ... You May Also Like.

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Here's my female Platys, as you can see she looks like she's almost ... tell me please and tell me what i should do thanks. also a male platy ...

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Determining whether a Platy is pregnant, like sexing, is not hard to do. ... but make sure to do so before she is giving birth or close to it, or she ...

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Keeping and breeding platys in your aquarium and care of platy fry. ... Like any livebearing fish, platies are easy to breed in an aquarium. Spawning will occur in a community tank. All you really need to do is to put a male and female fish together. You can ... It is sometimes difficult to tell when your female platy is pregnant.

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The fish is relatively easy to look after because of their hardy nature, which can tolerate ... The condition for them to live in should be similar like those provided for any ... Pregnant female platy can be easily identified by looking at the size of the ... which you can buy from aquarium pet stores and all you have to do is to add ...

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Sep 16, 2014 ... Today I noticed the very pregnant platy chasing the male around aggressively. ... i like how james jenkins put his comment in please do that.

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The pregnant platy will behave pretty much the same as she does normally. There are no distinct behavioral changes to look out for. Like other live-bearing fish, ...

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Platies come in a wide variety of colors that spice up any community tank. ... These fish also like to be kept in a group of 3 or more so your minimum tank size is 9 gallons. ... Make sure it does not have a power filter because fry will get sucked up. ... you're not looking, and the next thing you know, your platy looks pregnant.