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The zebra danio is an easy-to-breed egglayer. ... This fish has been fat for some time, and someone told my husband they can be pregnant for a lengthy time.

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Male and female danios look very much the same, but if the fish in question turns out to be ... If your female is carrying roe, your male danio will fertilize the eggs as they are dropped, during spawning. ... Danios like to spawn in the mornings. ... Aquatic Community: Celestial Pearl Danio · Robyn's Zebra Danio Page: Breedi...

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Oct 28, 2012 ... Having a go at breeding egg laying fish. ... Zebra Danio Breeding - Laying eggs. Wayne Shelley ... How long did it take ?. Read more.

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Jun 21, 2005 ... Does anyone know anything about taking care of Zebra Danio fry? ... Raising egglayers is fun and you can possably sell some to the fish ... Fry usually hatch within 36 hours and look like little white tadpoles against the glass.

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Jun 21, 2014 ... Zebra danios are not what you would call fussy eaters, and will eat nearly ... Like many other fish, zebra danios first have to be conditioned to trigger their .... on their bellies. are they pregnant? or am i doing something wrong.

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Could someone please tell me if that zebra danio is pregnant? ... the bottom for the eggs to fall through to safety, or else the fish will eat them.

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Normally, she looks like she will explode before she lays eggs. ... Zebra danios are egg scattering fish, and they need a separate spawning tank, preferably with  ...

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They are genetically engineered zebra danio fish, also known as zebra fish. Scientists placed ... GloFish are not live-bearers and therefore can't be said to undergo pregnancy. ... The Crown-of-thorns starfish has many arms like this, but is also ...

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They eat like pigs to be sure, but the females will fill with eggs quite readily too. .... Hi, I had a question about breeding Glo Fish (Zebra Danios) . ..... Pregnant Zebra Danio 10/2/07 Hello, <Hi there> I have a 55 gallon tank with a 13 inch ?

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Because danios eat all of the eggs and fry that they can reach, to get young, you must ... Leopard x gold yields ordinary zebra danios (resulting fish are fertile too) .... "Are they pregnant" but they just have tumors and some are skinny and bent).

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zebra danio females do not get pregnant, technically, because they do not ... fatter than mature males. if you want your fish to breed then take a male or ... so isolating an egg fat female will never produce young. they like to eat ...

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Danios are from places like India and Pakistan and can be found in every type of ... In addition to being a popular aquarium fish, zebra danios are also very ... The only downside to breeding danios is that the adults like to eat their eggs and ...

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Pregnant Danio Question in the Zebra Danio forums, part of the Cyprinids ( includes ... I was just wondering how long do Danio's stay pregnant for? ... Yes on the frog, but the parent danios will eat %99 of the eggs them self. ... Line the tank floor with Marbles and take the parent fish out after several days.