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Visual approach slope indicator - Wikipedia


The visual approach slope indicator (VASI) is a system of lights on the side of an airport runway threshold that provides visual descent guidance information during approach. These lights may be vis...

What does a red and green light indicate when seen together at night


When encountering other vessels in darkness or reduced visibility what do visible white and red and green lights indicate? You are approaching a powerboat ...

What does a red and green light mean when seen together at night


Green Light - indicates Riddex® Power Plus is on, and should remain a solid green light at all times.Red Light - indicates if the cycle is on or off. The red light will ...

Boat Navigation at Night BOATsmart! Knowledgebase


Everything you need to know about boat navigation at night, includes ... If you meet a vessel and see a green and red light but no masthead (white) light, ... If you see a white light on its own it indicates that you DO NOT have the right-of- way.

Boating Navigation: Operating in Darkness - Part 2


Powerboat A: When white, red and green lights are visible, you are approaching a powerboat head-on. Give way to your starboard side. Powerboat B: When ...

Nighttime-Navigation | Washington Boating Handbook


Always be on the lookout for the lights of other vessels when boating at night. ... The red light indicates a vessel's port (left) side; the green indicates a vessel's ... Sternlight: This white light is seen only from behind or nearly behind the vessel. ... the other vessel operator does not see you or does not know the navigat...

In Any Type of Vessel—If You See Only a Green Light or Only a Red


Encountering a Sailing Vessel at Night. When you see only a green light or only a red light, you may be approaching a sailing vessel and you must give way.

Red means stop, green means go – not always in boating | United ...


Apr 24, 2012 ... Because the green light is on the starboard(right) side of your boat, the red is the ... How do you determine who, if anyone, has the “right of way” if two ... If it is night , and you see the red light on a boat, which indicates you are ...

What Do the Different Color Lights on a Boat Mean? | Trails.com


If you see a red light coming at you at night, it means the boat is on your boat's right, ... A white light that can be seen from all perspectives of the boat is supposed to be ... A green light over a white light comes from a fishing boat that is trawling, ...

Colours of light | Sciencelearn Hub


Apr 4, 2012 ... Light is made up of wavelengths of light, and each wavelength is a particular colour. The colour we ... is reflected. Why does the shirt look red and the shorts look blue? ... The primary colours of light are red, green and blue. Mixing ... When coloured lights are mixed together, it is called additive mixing. Red ....