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Boggart is one of numerous related terms used in English folklore for either a household spirit ... For other uses, see Bogart (disambiguation). ... Within the folklore of North-West England, boggar...

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The spell can be tricky, because it involves making the creature into a figure of fun, ... Harry Potter, Lupin drew the boggart's attention, causing it to turn into a full moon, .... In Celtic mythology, a boggart (or bogart, bogan, bogle or boggle) is a ...

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Harry Potter: a Dementor. In other words, the thing Harry fears most is fear itself; Ron Weasley: ... He fears turning into a werewolf; Molly Weasley: the dead bodies of her family and Harry Potter; Parvati Patil: a bloodstained, bandaged mummy .... What year did each character in Harry Potter graduate from Hogwarts ?

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The spell Riddikulus can be cast to force the boggart to assume a generally amusing ... Why does a boggart have the full effect on Harry when it turns into a ...

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May 14, 2012 ... I do not own these scenes: all rights reserved: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. ... Lupin turns into werewolf [HD] - Duration: 2:47. Strawhat ...

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Instructions: Based on the boggart scenes from two Harry Potter books, record ... name and what the boggart turned into to frighten the character (columns 1 & 2); ... Names. 2. Boggart Shapes. 3. What does the character fears most? Why do.

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Feb 5, 2015 ... Would the fake Voldemort kill Harry? Can Boggarts cast spells? ... have happened if when Harry saw the Boggart it did turn into Voldemort?

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A summary of Section Four in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of ... Professor Lupin leads them all into an empty classroom to combat a Boggart that ... defeats the Boggart successfully, although Harry himself does not get a turn.

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Jul 19, 2014 ... “Yeah but how does a bogart turn into a muggle born Draco? ... Ron turned to Harry and confusedly mouthed the word "corporeal”. Harry ...

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Dec 5, 2011 ... In order to do so, one must force it to assume a shape that would make one ... transforms itself, in turns, into a dead Ron, Bill, Percy and Harry.

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However, because Boggarts are amortal, this spell does not truly dispel them, ... however, Harry uses the spell to make a Boggart-Dementor explode into a wisp ...

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Jun 16, 2012 ... "But I wish I could have a turn with the boggart --" "What would it ... Hermione did everything perfectly until she reached the trunk with the Boggart in it. After about a ... Hermione gasped, pointing into the trunk. 'Sh-she said I'd ...

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They did something right in the Chamber of Secrets film - the casting of Lucius Malfoy! eek! ... i think it would be harry...he knows what harry could become, and is ... I think if Draco faced a bogart it would turn into Harry because even though ...