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Dracula - Wikipedia


Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, famous for introducing the ..... In the Romanian language, the word dracul (Romanian drac " dragon" + -ul "the"...

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Vlad, or Dracula, was born in 1431 in Transylvania into a noble family. His father was called "Dracul," meaning "dragon" or "devil" in Romanian because he ...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... Born in Transylvania as the second son of the nobleman Vlad II Dracul, he took the name Dracula, meaning “son of Dracul,” when he was ...

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It was a surname of Prince Vlad II of Wallachia (d.1476), and means in Romanian "son of Dracul," literally "the dragon," from the name and emblem taken by ...

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When his son Vlad III was born, he became known as Dracula, meaning "Son of ... of execution earned him the name Vlad Tepes, meaning Vlad "the Impaler.

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His father's last name, Dracul, means "the devil", not "the dragon". ... The name " Dracula" is actually an honorary title meaning: "Son of the Dragon". Vlad II ...

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Oct 24, 2014 ... The fictional Dracula was loosely based on a real person with an equally disturbing taste for blood: ... Few names have cast more terror into the human heart than Dracula. .... #1 Trick To Reverse Tinnitus (Do This Tonight).

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His name was Vlad "Dracula", that is the son of (also Vlad) "Dracul" - word meaning both "the devil" and "the dragon" in Romanian and used here with the latter ...

Count Dracula's Legend and the history of Vlad the Impaler - Romania


Dracula is literally translated in Gaelic as Drac Ullah meaning bad blood. .... of the 13th century by the first Walachian rulers, the castle changed names and ...