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Poly, from the Greek πολύς meaning "many" or "much", may refer to: ... Polydeuces, twin brother of Castor, often called by his Roman name Pollux; Polydec...

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Poly- definition, a combining form with the meanings “much, many” and, in chemistry, ... A prefix meaning "many," as in polygon, a figure having many sides.

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Poly definition, Informal. polyester (def 2): a blend of poly and cotton. See more. ... poly- A prefix meaning "many," as in polygon, a figure having many sides.

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Define poly-. poly- synonyms, poly- pronunciation, poly- translation, English ... poly-. prefix meaning many. Used in the naming of chemical compounds.

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poly definition, meaning, what is poly: informal for polytechnic. Learn more. ... Definition of “poly” - English Dictionary. English ... poly-prefix. uk /pɒl.i-/ us /pɑː. li- ...

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An easy way to remember that the prefix poly- means “many” is through the word polygon, which is a geometric figure, such as a square or pentagon, that has ...

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English words by prefix » Words prefixed with poly-. English words beginning with the prefix poly-. ... Pages in category "English words prefixed with poly-".

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prefix. More than one; many; much: polyatomic. More than usual; excessive; abnormal: polydipsia. Polymer; polymeric: polyethylene. Origin of poly-. Greek polu- ...

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Poly-: 1: Prefix meaning much or many. For example, polycystic means characterized by many cysts. 2: Short form for polymorphonuclear leukocyte, a type of ...

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