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Algae eater

Algae eater is a common name for many bottom-dwelling fish that feed on algae. ... Rabbitfish which eat most algae, including cyanobacteria, diatoms, and hair ...

What Eats Algae?

Mar 5, 2010 ... ... eats an alga? Answers to questions about the place of algae in the food web or food chain, including what animals, fish or insects eat algae.

What Eats Algae in a Food Chain? | eHow

Algae is a simple form of life that often appears in the lowest levels of a... ... the layers of organisms within an ecosystem and which organism eats the others.

Fitting Algae Into the Food Web

Food webs are generally a more realistic portrayal of the energy flow in the system. After all, most organisms eat more than one type of food and can be eaten by ...

What animals eat algae? |

Animals that consume algae include fish, salamanders, newts, frogs and bacteria . Algae, a type of aquatic plant, provides food and nutrition for many creatures.

What eats green algae? |

Green algae is a staple of the diet of frogs and many other amphibians as well as lizards, various kinds of fish, mussels, amoebas and paramecium.

Algae Problem in Your Fishtank? Find Out Which Species Really Eat ...

So, we hobbyists are always on the lookout for a safe, natural way to control algae, which leads us to various fish and invertebrates that eat algae. There is no  ...

6 Algae-Eating Pond Fish |

They will eat a wide variety of different algae from clumps to single strands. They will not eat other aquatic plants, but must be kept in waters that are around 70 ...

Ocean Animals That Eat Plants | USA Today

In the radically different environment of the ocean, tiny photosynthetic organisms like phytoplankton and algae fill this niche. While many marine creatures are ...

green algae

Pediastrum boryanum is the scientific name of one green algae species. ... Animals that eat green algae include frogs and salamanders (tadpole and larval  ...

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Q: What eats algae?
A: any fish many flish like krabs and sea stars Read More »
Q: What eats algae?
A: Bacteria and a variety of fish all eat algae. Read More »
Q: What eats algae?
A: Originally Posted by jcardona1;2717469; most plecos arent that good at cleaning algae in my experience. they get lazy after a while. and i dont think there's an... Read More »
Q: What eats algae?
A: No I have no smelled it. I only had an algae problem once and that was when I was learning about properly cycling a tank. Apparently I did too much of a WC and ... Read More »
Q: What Eats Algae?
A: Algae are a huge group of organisms, ranging from the single celled forms to the multi-celled forms. Algae include seaweed, kelp, and red, brown, or green algae... Read More »