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Natural predators of a deer include wolves, coyotes and bobcats.

What Eats Deer?


Mar 29, 2010 ... What eats a deer? What does a deer eat? What animals eat deer? The place of the deer in the food web or food chain, including which natural ...

Who Eats Who? - National Park Service

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Eats. Is Eaten By. Grizzly bear. Rodents, Insects, Elk calves, roots, pine nuts ... deer. Fruits. Bears, birds, foxes, insects, coyotes, deer. Aspen. Elk, beavers ...

What Predator Eats the Key Deer? | Animals - mom.me


Key deer are the smallest type of white-tailed deer; they do not interbreed with any other species of deer. They are found exclusively in the Florida Keys, ...

What are some predators of deer? - Ask.com


Deer are also subject to predation by coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and... ... White-tailed deer are herbivores that eat leaves, acorns, fruits, twigs and grass.

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Oct 25, 2009 ... Rob H is mistaken - big cats in Africa do not hunt deer, for the simple reason that there are no deer in Africa. He may be thinking of antelope, ...

Mule Deer Fact Sheet - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

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These deer adapt to living in the desert by being active during the warm weather at night or during the early morning hours. They also have adapted to eating a ...

What Do Deer Eat


This website is about Deer and what they eat. Learn how to attract deer to your area, deer in the wild, and what a fawn eats and how to feed them.

What animal eats a deer in a forest - Answers


What animals eat whitetail deer? Mountain lions, wolfs, Black bear, Grizzly, Kodiak brown bear, coyotes, and some times a large hawk or eagle will kill a young ...

Bear filmed eating deer in a garden in Colorado Springs | Daily Mail ...


Jun 19, 2015 ... WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: These are the shocking scenes as the bear feasted on a deer in the garden of a suburban Colorado Springs ...

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Q: What eats deer.
A: Wolves, lynxes, sometimes bears, moutain lions, coyotes. Read More »
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Q: What eats deer?
A: I do.pretty tasty too! Read More »
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Q: What eats White Deer?
A: CARNIVORES such as fox , wolf etc. Read More »
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Q: What eats a deer?
A: Well we do when we hunt and kill them. When they die on their own or from a battle, coyotes and other wild life will eat off of it it time. in other words peopl... Read More »
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Q: What eats mule deer.
A: Mule deer are the main dish for many North American Predators. Cougars(Mountain Lions) are big-time hunters of Mule deer. They usually kill 1 or 2 deer every we... Read More »
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