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Crab-eating fox


The crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous), also known as the forest fox, wood fox, and the common fox, is an extant species of medium-sized canid endemic to the  ...

What Eats Foxes?What eats a fox?


Apr 6, 2010 ... What animals eat foxes? The place of the fox in the food web or food chain, including which natural enemies or predators kill and eat foxes.

What eats a red fox? | Reference.com


Eagles, coyotes, gray wolves, bears, mountain lions, lynxes, leopards, caracals, cougars and bobcats are known predators of the red fox. The majority of red ...

What are a fox's natural predators? | Reference.com


The red fox typically eats a varied diet consisting of birds, rodents, carrion and fruit. Their bodies are built for agility and speed and they hunt during the day.

What preys on the desert fox? | Reference.com


The desert fox doesn't have many natural predators because it isn't easily caught by other animals. The primary predator of the desert fox is the desert eagle owl.

What animals eat foxes? - Quora


There are many species of fox around the world, but let me give a specific answer about North America. I am currently hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georg...

Grey Fox Habitat | What Is Their Place in Nature? - Habitat Tracker


The grey fox is omnivorous, meaning it eats both plants and other animals. Unlike other Canids that hunt in packs, the grey fox hunts alone. It will stalk its prey for ...

Will a coyote eat a fox? - The Nature Forums - GardenWeb


Mar 4, 2007 ... I didn't see an actual wildlife forum to ask this so I posted here. I'm wondering if a coyote will eat a large red fox?

Can you eat fox meat and what is it called? | Yahoo Answers


Apr 10, 2008 ... Dog, fox, wolf, and coyote are all canines, and you can eat the meat of all of them. Many people would prefer not to, but meat from any animal is ...

Watch: Chernobyl Fox Makes and Eats Six-Layer Sandwich


Apr 30, 2015 ... A viral video of a red fox got us wondering: Just how much can they eat?

Coyotes, cougars, and eagles eat foxes.
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What animals eat foxes? | Reference.com


Predators of the fox vary by its range; in North America, the fox often falls prey to coyotes, cougars, lynxes, bobcats, wolves, panthers and even eagles and other ...

What animals eat the arctic fox? | Reference.com


Animals that eat the arctic fox include polar bears, wolves and eagles. Wolves present a great danger to arctic foxes by digging up fox dens in order to feed on ...

What eats a fennec fox? | Reference.com


Fennec foxes are prey for jackals and large eagles, such as the eagle owl. Though it remains unproven, other animals thought to eat fennec foxes include ...