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List of atheists in film, radio, television and theater - Wikipedia


This is a list of atheists in film, radio, television and theater. Included are living persons whose ...... Allen Smith, Warren (2002). Celebrities in Hell: A Guide to Hollywood's Atheists, Agno...

46 Celebrities You Won't Believe Are Atheists - Celebrity Tune


Aug 26, 2015 ... A lot of the stars on this list will shock you, yet some should come as no surprise at all. Whether they're atheists, agnostic or just Godless, ...

Celebrity Atheist List


An offbeat collection of notable individuals who have been public about their lack of belief in deities.

31 Celebrity Atheists - Newser


Jun 1, 2013 ... Not all celebrities are thanking God when they practice their Oscar acceptance speeches. CNN rounds up 31 famous atheists: Daniel Radcliffe: ...

10 celebs you didn't know were atheists - Salon.com


Feb 23, 2013 ... 10 celebs you didn't know were atheists. Kiera Knightley? Brad Pitt? Here are some movie star non-believers. Laura Gottesdiener, AlterNet.

50 Top Atheists in the World Today | The Best Schools


Dec 1, 2011 ... Celebrity is another requirement. To make our list, the atheist must have a public identification with atheism and must have made some public ...

17 Celeb Atheists - Suggest.com


Whether they grew up with religion and left it or have always been atheist, these celebrities steer clear of religion, except when it comes to debates or satire.

8 Black Celebrities Who Don't Believe In Jesus - Atlanta Black Star


Aug 29, 2013 ... Religion is such a part of the culture that people often think there's no such thing as a black atheist. However, there are some celebrities who ...

Celebrity Atheists | List of Atheist Actors - Ranker


Celebrity atheists include some of the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture who do not believe in a higher power. This is a list of famous atheists, with  ...

15 Famous People Who Don't Believe In God | SuperCrayCray


Many people tout themselves as Atheist, Agnostic, or as having their own set of beliefs. This is a short list of celebs who have famously touted their anti-God ...

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Famous atheists and their beliefs - CNN.com


Dec 11, 2015 ... Famous atheists and their beliefs ..... For people who are struggling with that, they 're nervous about telling their families or afraid of the ...

39 Celebrities You'll Be Shocked To Learn Are Atheists (Slide #1 ...


39 Celebrities You'll Be Shocked To Learn Are Atheists. Image has not been loaded. Start Slideshow · Share On Facebook. Share With Friends. Share this with ...

27 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Are Atheists - Think Atheist


Jul 2, 2009 ... A lot of closed-minded people consider Atheists and non-believers to be evil, often comparing them to the likes of people like Adolf Hitler and ...