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Sep 4, 2009 ... These are of the “Who was the better James Bond: Connery or Dalton? ... Now, of course, there are more Harry Potter films than LotR films, and ...

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Express your views on whether "Harry Potter" is better than "The Lord of the Rings". Learn what your community thinks about these movies.

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*Note: If a movie opened in limited release and later went wide, data from the first wide weekend of release is used. Worldwide Summary, Fellowship of the Ring ...

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Sep 5, 2013 ... Harry Potter VERSUS LOTR Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD No fantasy film series can compare to those created from the works of visionaries ...

Books vs Movies: 'Lord of the Rings' & 'Harry Potter' - This or That ...

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Let the argument be settled! Vote here for the your favorite books and movies from the worlds of Tolkien and Rowling!

Harry Potter vs Lord Of The Rings, Which should I read first? : books


Jul 19, 2015 ... Also, I do not watch The Movies. Now, I want to ... The Hobbit. If that is interesting, move on to LotR otherwise start Harry Potter. .... The Hobbit. I would argue that The Hobbit is better than any of the Lord of the Rings books.

The Fellowship of the Ring - Lord of the rings vs Harry Potter ...


Nov 28, 2011 ... Maybe that was because the Potter movies came out so soon (before the ..... I liked Harry Potter but it is NO WAY better than Lord of the Rings.

Why I Like "Harry Potter" Better than "Lord of the Rings" - Greta ...


Jun 25, 2006 ... Here's what I think "Harry Potter" has that "Lord of the Rings" doesn't. ..... (I didn't like the HP books, but I liked them better than the movies.).

Fantasy face-off: Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter |


Jan 25, 2016 ... As a result, while each film is better than the last, it is only because more ... I can watch any Potter movie at any time, while the Lord of the Rings ...

Lord of the Rings Vs. Harry Potter | Who Would Win A Fight


Dec 5, 2012 ... 3 lord of the rings movies won 17 oscars...8 Harry potter films have yet to win any. ... i like .... who is the better main character Frodo or Harry?

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Which franchise is better Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings? - Quora


I'll side with Harry Potter because of the use of the word "franchise". In terms of historical ... Now consider that the Lord of the Rings movies will basically be done after the Hobbit trilogy having grossed less than the Harry Potter films to date, and ...

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Lord of the Rings is so superior to harry potter it's not even funny. ... 7VoteEThe movie inspires people on how to do good and fight against evil. In Harry Potter ...

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Harry Potter for me was the more "exciting" of the two but Lord of the Rings was just more than that. ... Better movies(so far) -Gotta go with Lord here. HP movies ...