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Feb 15, 2016 ... Parts of the Sentence - Predicate Nominative A predicate nominative or predicate noun completes a linking verb and renames the subject.

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DIRECT OBJECT: The noun that receives the action of the verb. ... PREDICATE ADJECTIVE: An adjective that follows a linking verb and describes the subject of.

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Jul 3, 2013 ... Feel used in this context is a linking verb and needs the adjective form. ... If it is used as an action verb, you may have: He feels the breeze on his face. Here, 'the ... What follows the verb is not an object but a complement.

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It can sometimes be tricky to recognize linking verbs because linking verbs, also ... Common verbs that can exist as either action verbs or linking verbs include: .... the subject and the noun/pronoun that follows the linking verb, then it is linking.

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Direct objects follow transitive verbs (action verbs that require something or ... or phrase that follows a linking verb, such as is, are or was, and complements, ...

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Decide if each verb is an action verb or a linking verb. Remember, a predicate noun or a predicate adjective follows a linking verb.

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The word, phrase, or clause which follows a linking verb to re-identify or describe the subject is ... However, some of the verbs in our list can express an action.

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A predicate nominative or predicate noun completes a linking verb and ... A direct object receives the action performed by the subject. ... An appositive is a word or group of words that identifies or renames the noun or pronoun that it follows.

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A predicate noun follows a linking verb and renames the subject of the sentence or clause. To find a predicate noun: 1) Find the verb. 2) Is the verb and action ...

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Jan 14, 2016 ... Verbs are words that describe an action, state or occurrence and ... The word, phrase or the clause that follows the linking verb is called the ...

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A subject complement is the adjective, noun, or pronoun that follows a linking verb. ... Then you have a list of verbs that can be linking or action: appear, feel, grow, ... Brandon = subject; is = linking verb; athlete = noun as subject complement.

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Does a direct object follow a linking verb or an action verb? A direct object follows an action verb. A predicate nominative or predicate adjective follows a linking ...

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A predicate nominative follows a linking verb and tells us what the subject is: ... A direct object is the receiver of action within a sentence, as in "He hit the ball.