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Parts of the Sentence - Predicate Nominative. A predicate nominative or predicate noun completes a linking verb and renames the subject. It is a complement or ...

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... complement is the adjective, noun, or pronoun that follows a linking verb. ... Then you have a list of verbs that can be linking or action: appear, feel, grow, look , ...

what follows a linking verb or a action verb. the simple tense of verbs.

www.jiskha.com/search/index.cgi?query=what follows a linking verb or a action verb. the simple tense of verbs. follows a preposition. sometimes called the simple predicate.

what follows a linking or action verd After a linking verb, there'll be a predicate noun or predicate adjective: ~~She is my sister. (is=linking verb; sister=predicate  ...

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Decide if each verb is an action verb or a linking verb. Remember, a predicate noun or a predicate adjective follows a linking verb.

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Apr 16, 2012 ... A linking verb implies a state of being or condition for the subject, not an action ... as a direct object does for a transitive verb, they do not receive any action. ... The verb TO BE can act as an intransitive verb when what follows it ...

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A predicate nominative follows a linking verb and tells us what the subject is: ... A direct object is the receiver of action within a sentence, as in "He hit the ball.

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It can sometimes be tricky to recognize linking verbs because linking verbs, also ... Common verbs that can exist as either action verbs or linking verbs include: .... the subject and the noun/pronoun that follows the linking verb, then it is linking.

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Direct objects follow transitive verbs (action verbs that require something or ... or phrase that follows a linking verb, such as is, are or was, and complements, ...

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Jan 5, 2012 ... with an action verb use an adverb;; with a linking verb use an ... I do understand the concept of linking verbs and the complement that follows.

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A predicate noun follows a linking verb and renames the subject of the sentence or clause. To find a predicate noun: 1) Find the verb. 2) Is the verb and action ...

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An action verb shows action. Ex. dance, sing, act, study, cook, etc. Selenia knows how to dance. * dance is the action verb... A linking verb does not show action.

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DIRECT OBJECT: The noun that receives the action of the verb. ... PREDICATE ADJECTIVE: An adjective that follows a linking verb and describes the subject of.

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The word, phrase, or clause which follows a linking verb to re-identify or describe the subject is ... However, some of the verbs in our list can express an action.