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Tweety is an animated fictional yellow canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie ... Billy West (2003) (see below). Information. Aliases, Tweety Bird Tweety Tweety Pie. Species, Yellow canary. Gender, female. Nationality, American ...


Tweety (also known as Tweety Pie and Tweety Bird), is a yellow canary the Looney ... Tweety. Background information. Species: Yellow canary. Gender: Male.


Created in 1942 by Bob Clampett, Tweety's been a male bird since day one, even though he seems a bit on the "soft" side for a guy. If you don't ...


Someone once paid me to answer the question of Tweety's gender: ... conceptualized as a male bird or a female bird, but simply a bird.

Mar 29, 2009 ... Have you ever wonder the gender of Tweety bird? He's the little yellow canary bird that is the eternal target of Sylvester the Cat. Tweety usually ...


Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird are two of the most well known characters in the ... Sylvester doesn't even know what gender Tweety is until he's told in a ...


Tweety Bird is a prominent character under the Warner Brothers hood. ... Tweety Bird. Real Name. Gender. Male. Birthday. Appears in. 24 games.


Jul 27, 2006 ... I have been saying Tweety, Tweety, Tweety, trying to avoid the personal pronoun whereby I would have to declare Tweety's gender, because ...


Cartoon about Tweety Bird's gender. Is he a boy or girl? Comics by Dan Gibson.


GoldenMoon78 says This question isn't asking what gender Tweety actually is, it's asking what do you think Tweety is. I think Tweety is a boy ...