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Oct 11, 2015 ... Christopher Columbus (Image: Sebastiano del Piombo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons). Whether you call it Columbus Day or Indigenous People's Day, one thing is for sure -- today's holiday ... While he did reach the coasts of what today are Cuba, Haiti, and the .... They should be good servants.


Christopher Columbus Coit Tower, SF, CA Christopher Columbus was neither devil nor saint. He was ... Given that there is a public holiday in US for this man, he must have done a lot of good. ... What bad things did Christopher Columbus do?


Reviewing the facts about Christopher Columbus will show that he was an ... Things to trade including: .... Whether or not he "discovered" America, does not necessarily affect what else he did for this country. .... His life has obscure chapters, simple because he was a Crypto Jew, a good candidate for the Inquisition.


Find out more about the history of Christopher Columbus, including videos, interesting ... Ask HISTORY: Did Columbus Really Discover America? .... abroad in the hope that explorers would find great wealth and vast undiscovered lands. ... he believed that the journey by boat from Europe to Asia should be not only possible ...


10 Things You May Not Know About Christopher Columbus. October 5, 2012 By Christopher Klein ... Ask HISTORY: Did Columbus Really Discover America?


My class is doing a trail on Christopher Columbus and I'm on the defending side. ... Best Answer: The ONLY good thing Columbus did was open up the ... What he did do is show that crossing the Atlantic was possible even ...


Oct 9, 2011 ... Christopher Columbus has been both celebrated and reviled since he made ... Good/Bad Columbus: Was the European explorer a hero or menace? ... And the thing is, judging from Laurence Bergreen's "Columbus" and Charles ... Mr. Mann's is the more interesting, delving as it does deep into the science ...


Oct 11, 2010 ... On Columbus Day it is appropriate to discuss Christopher Columbus's legacy. Critics seem emboldened on the day we recognize the famous ...


How did Christopher Columbus change the world? ... damage caused by Columbus' voyages, his work also had some positive impacts on the world. ... A: Many people believe that Columbus Day should not be celebrated because Christopher ...


Oct 13, 2013 ... Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy, and spent the years ... Columbus and his contemporaries did not believe the world was flat; rather ... "( The king and queen) directed that I should not proceed by land to the ... true throughout the journey, with notes in the logbook stating things like: