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Killer whale


The killer whale or orca (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin ... Transient killer whales near Unimak Island, eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska ... Killer whale advocate...

What group of small islands forms the long tail of Alaska


The Aleutian Islands, including Attu and Kiska, which were once captured by the Japanese during World War II. They extend southwest into the North Pacific ...

What Group Of Small Islands Forms The Long Tail Of Alaska? - Blurtit


Answer (1 of 8): The answer is the Aleutian Islands.

Migrant Birds at Shemya Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska


known in Alaska east of 180” occur regularly on passage in this area in small numbers, some ... U.S.S.R. An annotated list of 147 taxa discusses all forms recorded. The Near ... Shemya is the easternmost of the group ...... wings and buzzy direct flight, and prominent long rounded brown tail with white corners and black sub-.

On the Land Mammals of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska


have been regarded as being specifically distinct from closely related forms occurring on the ... St. Lawrence Island, of volcanic origin, is about 90 miles long. It lies in the Bering ... close relationship to the "Sorex arcticus group." It was .... (2) that the large skulls represent a large resident species; the small ones....

Small Mammal Handbook condensed 22May03 - NPS Science ...


The. Small Mammals of. Alaska. A Field Handbook of the Shrews and Small ... Body very small, snout relatively long and slender pointed, eyes tiny, 5 clawed .... Skull length usually less than 15 mm; tail short (usually less than 30 mm ), light .... group of which Unalaska Island is a .... Island, along with one, perhaps two, forms .

Glacier Bay Alaska - Whale Watching Tours with Fairweather ...


Fairweather Adventures, located in Gustavus, Alaska offers their guests a unique kayaking and ... Whales interact in groups we call 'pods'. ... A distinguishing characteristic of the humpback whale is its extremely long flippers. ... something more pragmatic such as, loosening skin parasites or a form of communication.

How to Choose an Alaska Small Ship Cruise, Tips


Jan 16, 2014 ... The experts at AdventureSmith have put together this Alaska small ship ... Trip Forms ... During Alaska's high season travelers will find the best combination of long ... When ashore, group sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 people to ... Glacier Bay and Island Adventure and Alaska's Southeast Explorer .....

Speak Alaskan - Alaska.org


Here are some key terms that will help you speak Alaskan on your vacation. ... Each year, part of the earnings are distributed to residents in the form of a ... Aleut – A small Native group residing in Southwest Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. ... Dipnetting - A way of catching fish by dipping a net attached to a long pole out into ...

Center for Whale Research - questions


While the inland waters around the San Juan Islands in Washington State and ... They are the only known group to regularly eat Stingrays, Eagle rays and Electric rays. ... Small Transient pods and large Southern Resident pods are always in ... A killer whale's hearing is so sensitive that it can form a three dimensional view .....

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What archipelago forms the long tail of Alaska - Answers.com


The islands of the long chain that extends from the Alaska Peninsula are the Aleutian Islands, ... An archipelago is a group, chain or cluster of islands surrounded by a large body of .... what group of small islands forms the long tail of alaska.

Migration and Physical Proportions. A Preliminary Study - JStor


of 51 feet per second and the form of the tail evidently has much to do with ... These two points, long wing, and tail of small area we may ob- serve in ... Islands, the hind toe vanishes entirely. Again in ... equipped birds in these respects, in any group, have a greater ... Orange crowned Alaska to Mexico 62.2 50.0 12.2 9.6 17.8.

Eider egg hunt: Field research along the coast - Arctic - U.S. Fish ...


Dec 30, 2013 ... First, there is uncertainty about the long-term future of these islands. ... to begin the survey, but first we have to get there, which is no small task in itself. ... to the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska in the summer of 1947 as one of a group of vessels. .... At each nest we record new information onto our data forms.