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This is a list of Alaska mammals. It includes all mammals currently found in Alaska, whether ... Shrews live throughout the state, even on isolated islands, in habitats from ... They generally eat insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates, though ..... Long-tailed voles may be found throughout Southeast Alaska, the Yakutat ...


The Aleutian Islands are the group of small islands that form the long tail of Alaska. They are the reason that Alaska is considered the state farthest to the east of ...


The Aleutian Islands, including Attu and Kiska, which were once captured by the Japanese during World War II.


General information about Sitka Black-tailed Deer in Alaska such as description, ... smaller, stockier, and has a shorter face than other members of the black-tailed group. ... Antlers are relatively small, with very few scoring more than 110 points by the ... of a Sitka black-tail is about 10 years, but some live as long as 15 years.


Oct 23, 2007 ... Wildlife and People at Risk: A Plan to Keep Rats Out of Alaska. ...... Key words: Alaska, rodent, rat, island, management, Norway rat, Roof rat, Rattus rattus, Rattus ... Some of Alaska's rat-vulnerable species have very small populations .... The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in Alaska has long dealt with ...


The muskox (Ovibos moschatus) is a stocky, long-haired animal with a slight shoulder hump and a very short tail. ... Cows are smaller, averaging approximately 4 feet in height and weighing 400-500 pounds. At the close of the last ice age, ... This group was then transferred to Nunivak Island, a large island in the Bering Sea.


Jan 25, 2016 ... Want to know who's the face on the tail of Alaska Airlines' planes? ... Alaska Air Group board and president of NANA Development Corp., an Alaska ... was really pretty astounding at the time, but it didn't take long to grow on you .... We've kept the small Bible verses that once were standard on dinner trays.


Enjoy island hopping in a traditional long-tail boat on this full-day tour from Krabi. Visit the islands of Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Tup Islets, and Phranang Cave Beach, ... Enjoy cruising in a traditional long-tail boat to beautiful small islands near ...


have been regarded as being specifically distinct from closely related forms occurring on the ... St. Lawrence Island, of volcanic origin, is about 90 miles long. It lies in the Bering ... close relationship to the "Sorex arcticus group." It was .... (2) that the large skulls represent a large resident species; the small ones. Rausch in  ...