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What Happens If You Don't Rake Leaves?
At first it's a slow, scenic trickle. Then it adds up. And up. If you have a big lawn, keeping up with autumn leaves is a hassle. You don't need to remove them, but you do it out of habit. Why?... More »
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Why You Shouldn't Rake Your Leaves This Fall | IFLScience


Nov 16, 2015 ... Why You Shouldn't Rake Your Leaves This Fall ... I mean if you think leaves kill your grass what do you do with your snow? ... So I don't feel guilty about cleaning up my yard, at least until the growing season is over (which it's ...

Mulching Leaves - Is It a Mistake to Rake? - Bob Vila


Who knew that mulching leaves is better for lawn health than raking? Now you'll be able to spend your autumn mornings sipping cider instead of bagging leaves. ... Don't rake 'em, mulch 'em! ... Proceed to mow the lawn just as if it were any other day, not the most exciting day of your life—the day you finally break free ...

Is it better to rake or leave leaves? | MNN - Mother Nature Network


Nov 5, 2010 ... Chanie Kirschner used to rake leaves for $5 an hour. ... Don't get me wrong though, if you've got a teenager at home who's just asking for a ...

Scientists Urge: Don't Rake Your Leaves! - David Wolfe


Nov 4, 2015 ... Don't let your leaves be wasted, they have critical benefits to wildlife and your garden. ... You do not have to ditch the rake completely; you can use it to move ... Share Leaves – Ask around and see if any local farms, schools, .... This Is What Can Happen When You Start Drinking Honey Water Every Day.

Reason Behind Raking Leaves - Landscaping - About.com


No, Your Parents Weren't (Just) Punishing You When They Sent You Out to Rake . Fall leaves (image) are colorful but I don't like raking them. ... We spend a lot of time in fall raking leaves (or, if not actually raking leaves, then using blowers, ...

Fall Leaves: How To Avoid Raking, and Other Tips - Bayer ...


If a deep cold snap triggers leaf drop that happens quickly over a few days, you can wait until the lawn is nearly covered with a single leaf layer. Just don't allow ...

Improve Your Soil by Raking Less | Fine Gardening


If you dread the annual fall leaf-raking marathon, I have good news for you: ... that unraked leaves in planting beds don't smother shade-tolerant perennials.

What Can Happen If I Don't Rake My Leaves? | Yahoo Answers


Nov 13, 2007 ... If none of this is allowed to get through the leaves, the grass will be ... If a neighbor asks why you don't rake you can tell them to go pound sand.

Don't rake your leaves, scientists say - USA Today


Nov 19, 2014 ... SEATTLE, Wash. -- Here's an excuse to use the next time someone asks you to rake the leaves: Science. The National Wildlife Federation is ...

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What Happens If You Don't Rake Leaves? | Home Guides | SF Gate


If you have one or two trees -- or a strong prevailing wind that tracks to the neighbor's yard -- you probably don't worry about the last leaves of autumn, you just ...

What would happen to my lawn if I just didn't rake the leaves ...


I don't particularly care if my lawn is covered in leaves. ... well-respected Anchorage garden man here) that if you don't rake, it's no big deal.

What Happens If You Don't Rake Leaves? | Motherhood - ModernMom


You can probably think of more fun to share with your kids than raking leaves. To rake or not to rake -- that is a burning question among gardeners. On one side ...

Skip the rake and leave the leaves for a healthier, greener yard ...


Nov 10, 2015 ... However, if you're cultivating a 'tidier' look to your lawn, and don't want those pesky dried leaves getting in the way, they can be raked into ...

Don't Rake Those Leaves: Good for Your Yard, and the Planet


Nov 5, 2015 ... If you avoid the yard work of raking in the fall, you can avoid even more yard work in the spring, say some landscapers. That's because leaves ...