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Visine /ˌvaɪˈziːn/ is a brand of eye drops produced by Johnson & Johnson. Johnson ... A common urban legend is that a few drops of Visine in an unsuspecting victim's drin...

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Drinking eye drops, such as Visine, or beverages that have been laced with drops causes a number of harmful side effects, according to Healthguidance.org.

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Seems they use the eye medication Visine for a little Montezuma's revenge. A few eyedrops in someone's drink can apparently leave him sitting on the toilet for  ...

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Almost everyone has heard the rumors circulating that Visine, when put in someone's drink can cause them to have explosive diarrhea. Bartenders often claim ...

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Mar 25, 2013 ... In this case, we're simply talking about a bottle of Visine eye drops. ... an apparent belief that sneaking eye drops into a drink would basically ...

Girl, 19, poisoned her stepmother by pouring FIVE BOTTLES worth ...


Mar 22, 2013 ... According to investigators, the victim had ingested about 20 bottles of the eye drops after drinking Visine-laced tea and coffee from July through ...

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Jul 22, 2012 ... If you put eyedrops in a soft drink, nothing will happen. Alcohol acts as a catalyst and the more concentrated the alcohol, such as cocktails with ...

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Aug 1, 2012 ... If you drink more, go to hospital at once. ... You'd better put eye drops on a place which babies cannot contact and avoid put your eye drops into ...

Nothing funny about so-called 'Visine prank,' says pharmacist


Jul 23, 2013 ... An urban legend termed the "Visine prank" suggests that tetrahydrozoline ... where one of the main characters puts eye drops in a rival's drink.

Visine Poisoning: Shayne Carpenter Arrested; What Are Visine ...


Mar 11, 2013 ... What are the symptoms of Visine poisoning, and can someone ... woman to be hospitalized after her boyfriend put Visine eye drops in her drink.