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Reaction Time Clinic - The Staging Light -- Drag Racing


In order to get good reaction times, we must understand the drag racer's worst enemy ... has a rolling start of one foot before the reaction timer stops, and the ET timer begins. ... What if you have a Monster truck tire, and you are deep-staged?

Bracket Racing 101: Don't be Afraid of the DeepDrag Racer ...


Aug 7, 2013 ... Their are two major components that comprise reaction time: the driver's ... in ET bracket racing where staging deep should be considered.

MSHS Staging Etiquette | Modern Street HEMI Shootout


What happens is if you light both bulbs, the other car only has a certain amount ... I think its 10 seconds but whatever it is, its not a lot of time especially if you dont notice the other car is already up there. ... We will still allow deep staging; however will no longer hold the tree for a deep ... Drag Racing 101: Dragstrip Etiqu...

Techtips - Drag Racing Traction: Making a Pass - CarTech Books


Mar 16, 2015 ... Leaving the starting line on time is critical to successful drag racing. .... Staging shallow or deep is the only method that is consistent, but you may .... Take a look at the 1/4-mile ET column (or if you are running 1/8-mile, use the ...

Palm Beach International Raceway - Drag Racing 101


The main reason for deep staging is to get a faster reaction time. Starting ... combination will vary so this is an area of practice to gain the best reaction time, which is very important in drag racing. ... ET – this abbreviation refers to Elapsed Time.

10 Minutes with Steve Gibbs - We Did It For Love


Few men know more about the sport of drag racing in general or the ... Here's his take on the "traps" (finish line clocks), track distance, deep staging and "hidden ... as a lot of bad things can happen in that seemingly short 66 ft. distance. ... (great for egos) BUT they will also increase their e.t. by the exact sa...

Glossary of drag racing terms - NHRA.com


Deep stage: To roll a few inches farther into the beams after staging, which ... Elapsed time: The time it takes a vehicle to travel from the starting line to the finish line. ... to the Christmas Tree to win a race against an opponent with a quicker e.t. ... Nitromethane: Produced specifically as a fuel for drag racing, it is the resu...

Episode 4: Four Ways to Adjust Your Vehicle Rollout | DragTracker ...


Jun 11, 2014 ... Welcome to The Winner's Circle, a Drag Racing Podcast. ... If I'm running 2500 in the day time I'm looking at 2300 staging RPM. ... these changes then the car not only reacts faster but the ET is changing, maybe this isn't an option. ... So if I've decided to start deep staging by rolling in just a l...

G-tech with a rollout - G-Tech/Pro Support


concepts, please visit our drag racing info page at: http://www.gtechpro.com/ dragstrip.html. This web ... Deep staging will generally give you a shorter reaction time, but a slower E.T. ... your E.T., since your vehicle will still be blocking the Stage. Beam. .... the only way this can happen is if the rollout setting in the G- tech is...

2014 ET Bracket and Jr. Drag Racing Rules - Heartland Park Topeka

heartlandpark.com/documents/2014 Bracket Rules.pdf

Any racer running quicker than 12.70 ET at any time during an event will ... If there happens to be a re-run, dial-ins may be changed between runs. ... Deep Staging is allowed and the courtesy of the word "DEEP" being written on the window so.

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Drag School: How to Stage Your Drag Car - OnAllCylinders


Jun 28, 2012 ... There is more to staging than simply rolling your car up to the starting line and taking off. ... before the elapsed time (ET) clock starts and reducing the racer's ET ... To deep stage, roll the car up until you trigger the prestage and ...

This is Bracket Racing - "On the Road" - ThisIsBracketRacing.com


Staging, reaction times, and knowing what just happened. ... The deeper into the stage beam you roll, the less “rollout” (the time it takes your ... When I first began watching races, I figured that a deep stager would have to have a quicker ET, ...

drag racing basics - Darlington Dragway


Drag racing is a competition in which vehicles compete to be the first to cross a set ... is lit on the Christmas Tree) and should no further fouls happen during the race, ... too far the top bulb will go out and the driver is said to have "deep staged" . ... at the expense of the elapsed time (ET) and MPH achieved at the top e...