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Jun 28, 2012 ... Drag School: How to Stage Your Drag Car. Posted by Alan Rebescher .... Deep staging is used to reduce reaction times. To deep stage, roll the ...


In order to get good reaction times, we must understand the drag racer's worst ... ( or .500 seconds) delay until the green light comes on, a .500 reaction time is perfect. ... has a rolling start of one foot before the reaction timer stops, and the ET timer begins. ... What if you have a Monster truck tire, and you are deep-staged?


The Starting Line is a column for our Sportsman drag racers brought to you by Schnitz Racing. ... Shallow staging will slow your reaction times because the bike has to move further ... Deep staging will produce a quicker reaction but slower ET .


When this light comes on your car is basically staged and ready to go. ... There are two ways (at least) to stage, Shallow staging and deep staging. Shallow ... your position in the stage lights, your reaction time, and your ET - they are all related.


Drag racing pictures of front engine AA/FD from 1949 to 1972. ... Recent discussions about staging effects on E.T. and RT, and the effect of wheel "rollout" on same prompted me to invest a little time in some ... The analysis I conducted quantifies the extremes that deep and shallow staging might provide with our " real world" ...


What happens is if you light both bulbs, the other car only has a certain ... not a lot of time especially if you dont notice the other car is already up there. ... We will still allow deep staging; however will no longer hold the tree for a deep staging driver. ... distance will be slower than your opponent, but your ET should be quicker.


Oct 5, 2015 ... The Starting Line : How does reaction time affect a run's ET? ... The Starting Line is a biweekly column for our Sportsman drag racers. ... Sometimes you see racers stage closer to the starting beam (deep staging) to get a faster reaction. ... stop as soon as stage lite comes on, that's called shallow staging.


It has nothing to do with reaction time (as far as ET goes). .... Deep staging works great for bracket racers. you significantly increase your R/T.


But in the case of the driver's reaction time, what can be done if he or she is just inherently slow? Remember, both ... I'm not advocating deep over shallow, but there are situations in ET bracket racing where staging deep should be considered.

Jun 3, 2010 ... What's a "Christmas tree"? How does "deep staging" work? Why is that red bulb lit? These, and many other questions are answered on this ...