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You kinda have to sit back and laugh... they're snorting tylenol. At least ... No screwin around this is real life and it happens everyday.I hope he ...

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Aug 17, 2013 ... I used some tylenol which helped went to bed cuz i work midnights and woke up .... You are potentially snorting a lethal combination of meds. .... a lot of the effect you should put them under your tongue and let them dissolve.

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Jun 9, 2008 ... paul the bum snorting tylenol thinking its cocaine. ... Attempting to snort a ibuprofen 800 mg from beginning to ending - Duration: 7:02. Herbert ...

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Snorting Tylenol products is not a good idea for multiple reasons, but to play devil's advocate, .... What happens when you snort Tylenol with codeine? Nothing.

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Feb 24, 2013 ... When you snort Percoet, you speed onset of oxycodone in the brain. ... pain in her throat and sinus and can only releave it by snorting tylenol.

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3 days ago ... But I dont take it orally I like to snort it. ... Maybe it doesnt affect me as it should. ... haha, yeah snorting codeine is not bad for you but it's time ...

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Aug 11, 2015 ... When I worked with disturbed teenagers and adults, I saw many a tylenol OD. This is potentially lethal. ... What happens when you snort hydrocodone? ... If you snort your Acetaminophen then it will harm so much. So don't ...

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Dec 25, 2008 ... And don't snort anything with tylenol in it. You seem sweet ... snorting anything will make them collapse.. but i have a qustion for you?.... why would u wanna snort a cold pill? ... NO ONE SHOULD MIX ALCHOHOL AND PILLS !

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Instead, what you've done is deliver one whopping dose of tylenol to metabolize all at ... I took 2500 mg of tylenol at once about three or four hours ago; should ...

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Nov 13, 2012 ... If it makes you nauseous you should either get the Doctor to write you a ... Snort it and anything else u can find he'll crush up white n give me a call! ... have issues with the Tylenol in em, you could get the oxy 5's w/o Tylenol.

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Nov 7, 2006 ... I heard if you crushed up tylonal extra strength chewable things and snorted it, it would work ... Taken as directed, it should be fine. ... Snorting tylenol is not a good idea,just do a bit of research on the bad things that come ...

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Do a cwe if you want to snort them. It would feel like snorting advil mixed with some codeine. Not fun at all, but if you did cwe in them then it ...

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Dec 2, 2012 ... Inhaling - Can you snort oxycodone thats with acetaminophen ... sharp little crystal, pretty insoluble in water so who knows what happens to any ...