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I Got My Mustache Waxed, And Here's What Happened


Apr 18, 2014 ... Everyone in my family has or will encounter a mustache in their life, ... brought a sigh of relief only after I held my breath for at least ten seconds. ... “No,” said Natalia, explaining, “If you do wax consistently, the roots of your hair ...

3 Secret Weapons For Fighting Your Lady-Moustache - xoJane


Jun 13, 2011 ... Here are my three secret weapons for fighting upper lip hair -- and seriously, ... like Retin-A or Differin, you can't really do it without getting your skin ripped off. ... Even people who self-tan their faces look stupid after a wax, ...

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Sep 1, 2012 ... I loved how you talked about what the experience was like after your first wax and in between. I was contemplating on whether to wax my upper lip for the past year but was too afraid to find out what would happen and regret ...

5 Ways to Remove Your Mustache (for Girls) - wikiHow


Both of these have the potential to be permanent solutions (after enough treatments) .... If your upper lip is still sore from the waxing, you may want to wait a while .... If you happen to be a girl that has enough upper-lip hair that you feel you must ...

Waxing or threading -- which one better to get rid of hair from my ...


Jan 8, 2015 ... Waxing versus threading -- here's what you should choose. ... or beautician uses a piece of thread to pluck out hair from areas on your upper lip. ... has not used the thread on someone else before (as it is broken off after use).

Waxing Myths & Facts - Miss Humphreys


The amount of hair that grows back after waxing can be changed, but only for the better! Less hair will ... Fact: Have you ever had your skin burned by something hot? ... What can happen is not a burn, it is wax removing a second layer of skin.

The Ultimate Guide to Upper Lip Hair Removal - Bella SmoothBella ...


The good news is there are a number of different methods of upper lip hair removal, ... You can also easily perform the waxing by yourself in the comfort of your own .... of the area which received the laser treatment for a time after the treatment.

Facial Waxing??? - Weddingbee


If you already get your eyebrows waxed what is the worry about the chin and lip? ... I wax my upper lip, eyebrows, and underarm..the lip hurts the most for me, but my skin ... I hated feeling like I had a moustache two weeks after getting it done.

Lip Waxing: Let's Talk About What to Do With Your Lady-'Stache ...


Jul 19, 2010 ... Lip Waxing: Let's Talk About What to Do With Your Lady-'Stache ... blades to that sensitive area sounds like a horror story waiting to happen. ... Or simply put, do you just embrace the natural and happily let your lady mustache ...

How to Wax Your Upper Lip: Everything You Need to Know - InStyle


A roundup of tips and tricks to avoid pimples and irritation post-lip waxing.

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Is it true that if you wax your upper lip, the hair will grow back ...


Aug 5, 2009 ... Is it true that if you wax your upper lip, the hair will grow back THICKER ..... That's what happened to me after 20 years of tweezing my brows.

I'm Waxing My Own Upper Lip for the First Time and Posting Close ...


Aug 14, 2015 ... The thing is, I grow some dark hair above my upper lip, and I don't always ... telling me that a moustache is basically an eyebrow for your mouth, I figured they' d be worth a shot. ... With wax, you have to microwave then muslin strips to apply ... but nothing prepared me for what happened a couple days later.

Will my upper lip hair grow thicker if i wax it? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 28, 2009 ... Your hair WILL NOT grow back thicker or darker after waxing. ... you into NOT waxing your upper lip...whatever...anyway, waxing the upper lip, continuously, ... Yes but this will happen with pretty much anything to remove hair.