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The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). ..... An Ordeal member wears a sash with a lone arrow. The Brotherhood .... NLATS and NLS usually happened concurrently on the same weekend.


Often, members of the Order of the Arrow might make up stories about what happens during the ordeal to frighten young scouts or to make the experience sound ...


Sep 19, 2011 ... It's a fine post where I discuss the hideous Order of the Arrow ordeal, ...... I saw your point that what you called hazing happened to you, even ...


Aug 19, 2010 ... The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's national honor society. ... The induction ceremony is called the Ordeal. ... experience is more meaningful if new members experience it without any expectations of what is going to happen.


For more than 100 years, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and ... called the Ordeal, is the first step toward full membership in the Order.


Feb 27, 2016 ... Learn about the requirements to become an Arrowman, the induction process, and the levels of memberships within the Order.


Boy Scouts who were elected into the Order of the Arrow (OA) by their troop must complete an Ordeal within one year, in order to become a ... A candidate can only complete his Ordeal in Colonneh Lodge. ... What happens during the ordeal?


According to the Order of the Arrow Guide to Inductions, events and tests during the Ordeal are given in a stated sequence. Disrupting the sequence for any ...


Order of the Arrow Induction Weekend. When a Scout is just elected, he is not an official member until he completes an "Ordeal" which is an overnight campout ...


May 19, 2016 ... But apparently Scouting does not consider this hazing. If they do away with the ordeal, then they should do away with the Order of the Arrow.