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Anything that the brain does normally can also occur during a seizure when the brain is activated by seizure discharges. Some people call this activity “electrical  ...


During a seizure, there are bursts of electrical activity in your brain, sort of like an electrical storm. This activity causes different symptoms depending on the type ...

Jul 15, 2008 ... Explanation of what happens to the brain during a seizure. Excerpt from the video , "All About Epilepsy".


Explore what happens in the brain during a seizure and the three different phases of a seizure, which are called the aura, ictal and post-itcal.


Focal seizures take place when abnormal electrical brain function happens in one or more ... Typically, the person's posture is maintained during the seizure.


Sep 26, 2011 ... For scientists looking into seizures, the inner-workings of the brain is always a mystery. So what is a seizure and what happens inside the brain ...


... and their possible involvement in how and why epileptic seizures happen. ... behave in an unusual way, or lose some or all awareness during the seizure.


Although uncommon, epilepsy that begins in a specific area of the brain may ... may explain why a child seems to "zone out" or not pay attention during class.


Aug 19, 2014 ... A complex focal seizure happens in the temporal lobe, which affects memory ... During a seizure, misfires from the brain can tell your muscles to ...