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Apr 13, 2016 ... The sun is going to die and take the Earth with it. ... it's been burning for some 4.5 billion years, the sun is only about halfway through its life.

Mar 1, 2016 ... When will the sun explode, and why will it inevitably happen? Watch More: ... 1: 58 The only way for life on earth to survive is to... leave earth?


Feb 13, 2015 ... As the Sun matures into a Red Giant, the oceans will boil and Earth ... After 8 billion years of happily burning hydrogen into helium are over, the sun's life gets a .... The good news: It won't happen for another billion years or so.


Mar 4, 2016 ... This is What Will Happen When the Sun Eventually Dies ... There will likely be no life left on Earth since the planet will become very hot and dry ...


Jun 27, 2015 ... Hi I am a novelist from Norway and I have some questions concerning the death of the sun. My questions: If the Sun became a red giant will the ...


Dec 27, 2011 ... About 1.1 billion years from now the sun will begin to grow larger and hotter. The earth's ice caps will melt and, as the planet grows hotter, the ...


Oct 20, 2008 ... If The Sun Went Out, How Long Would Life On Earth Survive? ... Photosynthesis would halt immediately, and most plants would die in a few ...


Sep 18, 2016 ... "The predictions for what exactly will happen to Earth as the Sun ... Our planet, once bursting with life, will become unbearably hot, dry, and barren — like Venus . ... NOW WATCH: Here's what will happen when our sun dies.


Jul 31, 2009 ... Five or so billion years from now, Earth's present orbit won't be a good place to be as the Sun swells dramatically before dying to its white dwarf ...


Under these conditions, life as we know it will be unable to survive anywhere on .... The following is a series of what would happen to planet Earth if Sun dies.