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A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical ... Chemical reactions happen at a characteristic reaction rate at a given ... Different chemical reactions a...

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Describe what happens during a chemical reaction? ... A substance's characteristic properties are the most recognizable properties of that substance. Chemical ...

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During a chemical change, the properties change and a new substance is formed . ... Chemical changes in the structure shown are most likely to happen during? ... Chemical reactions bring about a change in matter that produces new ...

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Such changes result in one or more new substances with different physical and chemical... ... or covalent bonds between ions or atoms happen during a chemical change. ... resembling chemical changes, only produce a change in physical properties. Continue Reading. Keep Learning. What causes chemical reactions?

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Below is a list of key ideas related to Substances, Chemical Reactions, and ... A pure substance has characteristic properties, such as density, a boiling point, ...

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In a chemical reaction, reactants contact each other, bonds between atoms in the ... Review what happens during a physical change and introduce the idea of ... to form one or more new products with different characteristics than the reactants.

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a) The mass of the reactants stays the same during a chemical reaction b) The mass of ... In a chemical reaction, if the reactants are heated, the reaction usually happens ... d) The characteristic properties of a substance are always changing ...

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You can't change one element into another in a chemical reaction — that happens in nuclear reactions. Instead, you create a new substance with chemical  ...

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Nov 5, 2014 ... In a chemical reaction, there is a change in the composition of the substances ... Physical properties include many other aspects of a substance. .... Once again, this property is characteristic of mainly metals, nonmetals ... During a physical temperature change, one substance, such as water is being heated.

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The explosion of fireworks is an example of chemical change. During a chemical change, substances are changed into different substances. Another ... Chemical Changes are also called Chemical Reactions. ... The chemical reaction produces a new substance with new and different physical and chemical properties.