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List of pest-repelling plants


This list of pest-repelling plants includes plants known for their ability to repel insects, nematodes, and other pests. They may be used in companion planting for ...

31 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes - Best Plants


Basil – Ocimum americanum – has essential oils that can be extracted and used as a spray to repel mosquitoes. It has also been an effective repellent when ...

11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes - Natural Living Ideas


Mar 13, 2014 ... Here are eleven beautiful and fragrant plants that repel mosquitoes - keeping your home and garden mosquito free.

6 Mosquito Repellent Plants | Garden Design


Check out these beautiful mosquito repellent plants; catnip, basil, rosemary, citronella, lavender. Learn how planting these varieties throughout your garden can ...

8 Plants That Repel Mosquitos Naturally | Rodale's Organic Life


May 22, 2015 ... Look: mosquitoes are awful. They may be great food for birds and bats, but you don't want them hanging around your backyard. You also don't ...

6 Mosquito-Repellent Plants to Keep Pests Away | Angies List


Mosquitoes aren't invited to your barbecue! These insect-repellent plants ward off mosquitoes and other pests, while providing benefits to your landscape.

Eartheasy Blog » 5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants


Apr 28, 2011 ... Before reaching for the chemical sprays, try planting these easy-to-grow plants which have natural mosquito-repelling properties…

Six plants that repel mosquitoes - Lemon balm, marigolds and catnip ...


Have you ever thought of adding some mosquito-repelling plants to your garden? Oils found in certain types of plants, especially herbs, are natural mosquito ...

12 plants that repel unwanted insects | MNN - Mother Nature Network


Oct 2, 2014 ... 12 plants that repel unwanted insects. These herbs and flowers can help shoo away pests from your garden and your skin. Tom Oder. October ...

13 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes - - Plant Care Today


Love being outdoors but sick of those annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes? Put down the sprays and nets, here are thirteen different plants you can grow that'll ...

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Q: What vitamins/herbs will repel mosquitos?
A: Rub lemon juice on your skin,and take a napkin with peppermint oil in you pocket. Read More »
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Q: What vitamins/herbs will repel mosquitos?
A: lather yourself with sugar water. Read More »
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Q: Herbs That Grow in the Shade That Repel Mosquitoes.
A: Mosquitoes tend to congregate in moist, shady spaces, seeking shelter from the sun while they await the arrival of dusk. To discourage the presence of these blo... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: What Plants Repel Mosquitoes?
A: There’s nothing like spending a warm summer evening on the deck or patio - that is, until bands of mosquitoes swoop in to spoil the reverie and make a meal out ... Read More »
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Q: What is a natural mosquito repellent?
A: Citronella oil :) Read More »
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