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A book is a set of sheets of paper, parchment, or similar materials that are fastened together to ... In library and information science, a book is called a monograph, ..... Albums are books for holding a group of items belonging to a particular ...


I have been looking for what a group of books is called and why it is named so, id est, the type of series that it is and why it is called that.


The commonest answer suggested is “a library of books” but that is misleading because a collection of books may be scattered on the floor (like in my office, ha ha) ...


Don't use “canon” to mean just a bunch of things that more or less belong together; it has a more specialized meaning. Here, from the ...


A collective noun is a word for a group of specific items, animals or people. For example, a group of ships is called a fleet, a group of cows is called a herd, a groupd of lions is called a pride, a group of baseball players is ... library of books


a big bunch of books is called a library. ... Additionally A group of chicks is sometimes called a PEEP. More Information A group of birds of any species is ...


The current word "book" is a derivative of the Old English word "boc" which was a derivative of the Proto-Germanic word *bokiz meaning "beech" as in the ...


Many of the following terms belong to 15th-century lists of 'proper terms', such as those in the Book of St Albans attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes (1486).


Jul 24, 2014 ... It's a noun that describes a person who buys books and doesn't read ... She points out that Shelfari's Compulsive Book Hoarders group will ...


something such as a book that people respect because it contains a lot of ... A book that someone writes about their own life is called an autobiography.