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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera
Species: Panthera tigris
Tigers (Panthera tigris) are mammals of the Felidae family, one of four "big cats" that belong to the Panthera genus, and the largest of all cats, living or extinct. Tigers are predatory carnivores. Most tigers live in forests and... More » · More images »


The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to 3.38 m (11.1 ft) over curves and exceptionally weighing up to 388.7 kg ...

Tiger | Basic Facts About Tigers | Defenders of Wildlife

The tiger is the largest member of the felid (cat) family. They sport long, thick reddish coats with white bellies and white and black tails. Their heads, bodies, tails ...

Tigers: Facts & Information | Pictures of Tigers - LiveScience

Oct 3, 2014 ... Tigers are the largest felines in the world. Many cultures consider the tiger to be a symbol of strength and courage. However, because hunting ...

Great Cats: Tigers - National Zoo| FONZ

A powerful hunter with sharp teeth, strong jaws, and an agile body, the tiger is the largest member of the cat family (Felidae). It is also the largest land-living ...

Amazing facts about tigers | OneKind

Amazing facts about tigers such as behaviour, intelligence, physical, diet, life span, size, weight, habitat, range and scientific or latin name.

Information and Facts about Tigers, Habitat,Populations and ... - Lions

Tigers belong to the largest of the cat species. They can reach the length of 3.3 meters or 11 feet and can get as heavy as 306 kilograms or 670 pounds, while ...

Tiger Facts and Information

Tiger Information, Anatomy, Feeding, Behavior, Habitat, Reproduction and Conservation. Facts about tiger species like Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger and others.

Tiger | San Diego Zoo Animals

Tigers can also be black with tan stripes, all white (albino), or white and tan. The “ white tigers” found in some zoos are not albino but rather the white-and-tan ...

Tiger (Panthera Tigris) - Animals - A-Z Animals - Animal Facts ...

The tiger is the largest feline in the world, with the tiger growing to around 2.5 metres in length. The tiger is the most powerful of all the big cats, and is native to  ...

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